03 novembre 2014

More focus needed on higher education staff mobility

By Nic Mitchell. Staff mobility needs to be given the same kind of attention as is paid to student mobility if universities’ internationalisation strategies are to succeed, says a new report from the European University Association and the Academic Cooperation Association.
The report, Connecting Mobility Policies and Practice: Observations and recommendations on national and institutional developments in Europe, is largely based on the results of the Mobility Policy-Practice Connect, or MPPC, project supported by the European Commission’s lifelong learning programme. Read more...

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PhD to be the compulsory qualification for lecturers

By Gilbert Nganga. Kenya has set a higher qualifications threshold for the appointment of university lecturers. In a directive to be implemented in the next five years, the Commission for Higher Education said only PhD holders would be allowed to teach at universities as lecturers. Read more...

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German students focused on success, shun politics

By Michael Gardner. Students in Germany appear to be chiefly concerned with their careers and show little interest in political issues, according to a survey supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, or BMBF. Also, they seem happy with the outcome of the Bologna reforms. Read more...

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Europe must back research rhetoric with action – EUA

On 31 October the European University Association, or EUA, issued a statement expressing deep concern about cuts to research and innovation funding – including the Horizon 2020 framework – proposed by the Council of the European Union. If implemented, said the EUA, the cuts would not only jeopardise universities but also economic growth and job creation. Read more...

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New community-university engagement network formed

By Esther Nakkazi. A new higher education network has been launched to support partnerships and relationships around community-university engagement and community-based research in East African countries – Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. Read more...

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New global university ranking puts Germany second to US

By Brendan O'Malley. United States universities continue to dominate the top 500 in a new global university ranking launched by leading American education publisher US News & World Report. But German universities have outperformed their United Kingdom counterparts.
The US has 134 universities in the top 500, followed by Germany with 42 and the UK with 38. China has a strong showing with 27 institutions in the Best Global Universities ranking launched on 28 October. Read more...

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