03 novembre 2014

Le Medef veut promouvoir l'apprentissage

Par Wally Bordas. Quels sont les obstacles au développement des politiques d'apprentissage ? C'est le sujet sur lequel quoi ont débattu le Mouvement des entreprises de France (Medef) et ses différents partenaires, jeudi 30 octobre, dans le cadre du Réseau mondial d'apprentissage.  En juillet dernier, la conférence sociale pour l'emploi, a confirmé les efforts entrepris par le gouvernement pour valoriser l'apprentissage.
Ce jour-là, Manuel Valls, Premier ministre, annonçait une enveloppe de 200 millions d'euros pour développer ce secteur. Voir l'article...

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Best Global Universities : 22 établissements français distingués dans ce classement

Par Fériel Boudjelal. Le pre­mier pal­ma­rès mon­dial des uni­ver­si­tés réa­lisé par le maga­zine amé­ri­cain US News and World report a été publié le 28 octobre 2014. Deux uni­ver­si­tés fran­çaises atteignent le top 100. L’objectif est d’informer les étudiants en leur per­met­tant de mieux connaître le monde de l’enseignement supé­rieur et de com­pa­rer les ins­ti­tu­tions qui pour­raient les intéresser. Voir l'article...

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Japan struggles to keep up as China woos international students

The Japan TimesBy Teru Clavel. Japan’s efforts to increase the number of international students coming to its shores are being dwarfed by similar initiatives in neighboring China. Lofty goals such as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s plan to attract 300,000 foreign students by 2020 appear to be struggling to gain traction. More...

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University of Sydney vice-chancellor says fee deregulation will create more scholarships

By James Glenday. The University of Sydney says nearly a third of its domestic undergraduate students will get scholarships if the proposed shake-up of higher education passes the Senate, giving universities the power to set fees. An average three-year degree at some prestigious institutions might soon cost about $48,000, a big increase compared with the current price of many degrees. More...

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Varsities urged to produce workers, not thinkers

The increased number of jobless youths in East Africa will continue to double or even triple annually to alarming rates, unless institutions of higher learning revise their curriculum to start teaching on-the-job skills as opposed to academic-based programmes.
Vice Chancellors and top professors from the academic fields attending a regional conference on education that kicked off in Kigali on Thursday have been told it is the only sure way of ensuring graduates don’t spend years looking for jobs before most of them lose hope and resort to menial jobs and others get into crime. More...

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Student visa rules condemned by employers

http://static.bbci.co.uk/frameworks/barlesque/2.5.10/desktop/3.5/img/blq-blocks_grey_alpha.pngBy Sean Coughlan. A business leader has accused some MPs of "cheap and pathetic gestures" in their approach to student visas.
Simon Walker, director-general of the Institute of Directors, said he was "appalled" by how overseas students had been caught up in targets for reducing immigration into the UK. More...

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Come clean on graduate jobs rate, unis told

Bangkok Post LogoBy Lamphai Intathep. Universities have been asked to disclose graduate employment rates for fields of study as they launch recruitment drives, to better align supply of graduates with market demand. Krissanapong Kirtikara, newly-appointed deputy education minister overseeing higher education, said too many students are entering fields of study where the supply of graduates already exceeds demand. More...

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Doctoral examination – What works?

By Terence Lovat. Last week I gave a talk to members of the Society for Research into Higher Education in London. The talk was titled “Consistency and Disjunction between the Assumptions about and Reality of the Doctorate: Examining the examination process and the question of the viva”. Read more...

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Fighting the entitlement mentality in US universities

By William Patrick Leonard. The financial crisis that settled on the American tertiary community in 2008 continues to be cited as a primary factor in the decline of state subsidies to public institutions and the subsequent offsetting increase in their tuition fees. Read more...

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Africa's first tuition-free virtual university

By Wagdy Sawahel. Africa's first cloud-based, virtual and tuition-free, not-for-profit university will open on 12 January next year. Called the Free University of Nigeria, popularly known as FUN, it will be dedicated to increasing access to higher education.
FUN is the world's second of its type after the University of the People opened in the United States. Read more...

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