24 octobre 2014

Evaluating impact assessment in the REF

HEFCE logoAn evaluation of the assessment process for impact in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) is now under way.
HEFCE, in partnership with the other UK higher education funding bodies, has commissioned RAND Europe to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of impact in the REF. This will look at the strengths and weaknesses of the assessment process for impact, and consider any implications for how impact is assessed in future exercises. More...

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Cedefop at the Greek Parliament

Cedefop - European Centre for the Development of Vocational TrainingCedefop presented its work to the Greek Parliament, for the first time, on Thursday. A delegation headed by Director James Calleja addressed MPs of the Education and Social Affairs select committees and answered questions on the agency’s contribution to the development of vocational education and training (VET) and its cooperation with Greek authorities and VET institutions.
Welcoming the delegation, Education Affairs committee chair Spyros Taliadouros noted that ‘for many years we have developed strong relations with Cedefop and we have been working together on skills, qualifications and competences, as well as on lifelong learning issues. Especially important has been Cedefop’s contribution to the national qualifications framework (NQF) development process, which is one of the European Commission’s most significant initiatives for recognition of skills and promotion of lifelong learning.’ More...

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Invest in more good quality and innovative jobs – Cedefop Director

Cedefop - European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training‘Europe’s true problem is not one of a deficit of skills, but primarily a deficit of creation of good quality jobs,’ Cedefop Director James Calleja told the European Parliament of Enterprises on 16 October in Brussels.
In his statement on skills mismatch and youth unemployment, Mr Calleja said that most of Europe’s unemployment is cyclical, not structural in nature: ‘Cedefop studies (2012) indicate a rising tendency towards a higher “over-qualification” or “over-skilling” rate of the employee workforce (i.e. workers have skills that outweigh those needed to perform their job duties).’ More...

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Valuing diversity: guidance for labour market integration of migrants

Cedefop - European Centre for the Development of Vocational TrainingArguing for guidance to ease the integration of third country immigrants into the European labour market may seem untimely given today’s high youth unemployment, but anticipating future developments and informing policy-makers are one of Cedefop’s main tasks.
Although labour demand will continue to be weak in the coming years, Cedefop’s skill forecasts point to another challenge already visible in some countries: namely a falling labour supply and shortages as the population ages. Tackling this may require not only bringing more indigenous people into the labour force, but also encouraging economic migration to address skill shortages. More...

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Anniversary message from Xavier Prats-Monné Director General of the DG Education and Culture

“We strongly believe the moment has come when we can move to a society where All individuals can learn Anytime, Anywhere, using Any device and with the support of Anyone”.
That was the defiant message given by Xavier Prats-Monné, the EC Director General for Education, speaking on the anniversary of ‘OpenEducationEuropa’ and the ‘Opening up Education’ initiative. More...

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Funding competition for solutions to security, trust and privacy issues in online learning

To reach the height of its potential, online learning needs to effectively deal with the issue of online security for learners. The Trust Challenge is a competition for institutions and organisations that are working to make online education safer in real-life contexts, with over 1.2 million USD to be awarded. More...

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Access a world of open research with the just-released Open Access Button

The Open Access Button gives knowledge-seekers everywhere easy access to academic research papers that would otherwise be behind a paywall. The Open Access Button was developed by two students and debuted during this year's Open Access Week. More...

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Learn how to effectively design ICT-based learning activities with this MOOC starting October 27

The HANDSON MOOC, starting on Monday 27th of October, is a 5 weeks MOOC targeted to all kind of educators. Students joining the MOOC will have the oportunity to design an ICT-based learning activity. More...

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Integrating MOOCS into Traditional Higher Education: The Emerging “MOOC 3.0” Era

As more and more elite institutions offered MOOCs, some achieving course enrollments in the six figures and with an aggregate student enrollment beyond the 1 million mark, they were simultaneously extolled as the “silver bullet” for solving the attainment and affordability challenges in US higher education and vilified as a highly disruptive force that could damage the higher education enterprise. More...

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Seeking suggestions for the new Open Educational Ideas platform

aOpen Educational Ideas is preparing a new online platform that will involve educators interested in Open Educational Resources (OER) to get pitch new ideas, get feedback, and connect with collaborators. The initiative is seeking recommendations of tools for open course and textbok development. More...

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