18 octobre 2014

Reaction on the possible lack of funding for Erasmus+

ESN logoGiven the current situation of financial cuts to education on the national level, EU programmes such as Erasmus+ have become an important element to overcome the unacceptably high youth unemployment in Europe. In a European labour market where the offer and demand for jobs is geographically unbalanced, mobility is a key driver to overcome this challenge through the promotion of labour mobility. The recent Erasmus Impact Study[3], which ESN has co-authored, leaves no room for doubt that student mobility is essential to bring young people into employment. The study shows, for example, that more than 85% of Erasmus students who study or train abroad enhance their employability and are half as likely to face long-term unemployment compared to non-mobile students. More...

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ESN Annual Report 2013/2014

ESN logoThe Annual Report is a comprehensive summary of the overall activity of ESN in the past year. Learn about our main achievements, our goals, projects and much more information about the biggest student organisation in Europe!
Open publication - Free publishing
. More...

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Noam Chomsky: Thinking like corporations is harming American universities

By Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office). Australian universities are increasingly precarious places to work. Apart from constant restructures and job losses, four out of five new jobs in the last decade are contract or casual. Over 80% of teaching-only jobs are casual and over 80% of research-only jobs are fixed term contract.
NTEU is holding a National Conference on Insecure Work on 19 -20 November 2014 in Hobart. All NTEU branches will be sending delegates. Contact your branch for more information. You can also participate in the conference via live stream. Visit the conference website for details.
These are international trends. Here is an edited transcript of a speech by Noam Chomsky recently to a gathering of members and allies of the Adjunct Faculty Association of the United Steelworkers in Pittsburgh.

On hiring faculty off the tenure track
That’s part of the business model. It’s the same as hiring temps in industry or what they call “associates” at Walmart, employees that aren’t owed benefits. It’s a part of a corporate business model designed to reduce labor costs and to increase labor servility. When universities become corporatized, as has been happening quite systematically over the last generation as part of the general neoliberal assault on the population, their business model means that what matters is the bottom line.
The effective owners are the trustees (or the legislature, in the case of state universities), and they want to keep costs down and make sure that labor is docile and obedient. The way to do that is, essentially, temps. Just as the hiring of temps has gone way up in the neoliberal period, you’re getting the same phenomenon in the universities.
The idea is to divide society into two groups. One group is sometimes called the “plutonomy” (a term used by Citibank when they were  advising their investors on where to invest their funds), the top sector of wealth, globally but concentrated mostly in places like the United States. The other group, the rest of the population, is a “precariat,” living a precarious existence.

Read more at http://www.alternet.org/education/chomsky-thinking-corporations-harming-american-universities. More...

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Changes to funding arrangements for the Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS)

By Celeste Liddle (Indigenous). The Federal Government early last month announced changes to the funding arrangements for the Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS) and this prompted a number of responses from Indigenous centres at universities and Indigenous peak bodies concerned how this will impact service delivery to Indigenous students in the tertiary sector. Of particular concern was the fact that rather than a set allocation based upon student numbers at Universities, the process was changing to a competitive bidding one where universities were required to put in applications. When the changes were announced, the actual funding process had not been elucidated by the government so universities were left in the dark about the process despite having initially less than a month to prepare their bids.
Further information is via the Department of Prime Minister and the Cabinet website. More...

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Unfair policy must be dumped: ANMF & NTEU

By Courtney Sloane (NTEU National Office). Unions representing university staff and nurses and midwives have used the second day of Senate hearings into the Higher Education and Research Reform Amendment Bill 2014 to urge the Senate to dump the unfair changes.
Speaking at Parliament House in Canberra today, NTEU National President Jeannie Rea said that the changes were the most dramatic in over a generation. More...

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Higher education hearings reveal little to no consultation

By Courtney Sloane (NTEU National Office). Senate hearings into the Higher Education & Research Reform Amendment Bill 2014 in Brisbane today revealed little to no sector consultation prior to the introduction of the changes.
Representatives from both the Regional Universities Network and the University of Canberra said that the first they heard of the changes was on Budget Night.
“These changes are the most dramatic in over a generation,” said Jeannie Rea, NTEU National President. More...

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AIU recrute un Responsable, Politiques et Projets en Enseignement Supérieur et Internationalisation

AIU recrute un Responsable, Politiques et Projets en Enseignement Supérieur et Internationalisation. Elle/Il sera responsable de la gestion des projets ainsi que du développement des politiques et projets de l’AIU, dans ce domaine en particulier, mais pas uniquement. Sous la direction de la Secrétaire Générale, la/le ‘Responsable, Politiques et Projets en Enseignement Supérieur et Internationalisation’ travaillera en étroite collaboration avec les autres membres du personnel de l'AIU, ainsi qu’avec le réseau d'experts, les représentants d’universités et différentes organisations partenaires de l’AIU à travers le monde. Ses responsabilités sont notamment la gestion de projets, de programmes et le développement de nouveaux projets ; l'analyse des politiques ; la recherche, la collecte et la diffusion d'informations ; l'organisation de conférences et d'ateliers de travail ; la présentation et la représentation de l'AIU. Alors que l'internationalisation de l'enseignement supérieur est l’objectif principal de ce poste, les projets et l'évolution des politiques dans les autres domaines de l'enseignement supérieur nécessiteront une perspective plus large au fil du temps. Date limite d’envoi de CV + lettre de motivation : 15 novembre 2014 à Mme Angella NINO, Responsable de l’Administration et des Finances a.nino@iau-aiu.net. Voir l'article...

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Nouveaux plans pour la Réunion mondiale des Associations de mai 2015

L’AIU et les hôtes africains de la 6e édition de la Réunion mondiale des Associations de l'AIU (GMA 6) ont décidé de reporter le GMA qui devait se tenir en mai 2015 Afrique de l'Ouest à 2017.
L'AIU s'associe à de nouveaux partenaires pour ce GMA: l'Organisation Universitaire Inter-Américaine (OUI-IOHE) et l'Université de Montréal, deux membres de l'Association qui ont accepté de coopérer avec l'AIU pour organiser le prochain GMA à Montréal.
Les dates du 6ème GMA restent fixées aux 7 et 8 mai 2015. Cependant, le nouveau lieu de réunion a incité les partenaires à se concentrer sur un nouveau thème, l'innovation sociale: défis et perspectives pour l'enseignement supérieur, qui invite les associations et les réseaux d’universités nationaux, régionaux et internationaux à explorer la façon dont les universités participent aux innovations sociales, comment elles font le lien avec les gouvernements, la société civile et l'industrie pour trouver de nouvelles solutions aux problèmes sociaux.
Pour plus d'informations, cliquez ici. Voir l'article...

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Vacancy: Manager, HE and Internationalization Policy and Projects

IAU is seeking a Manager, HE and Internationalization Projects, who will be responsible for the development and management of IAU policy, programmes and projects especially but not exclusively in this area. The Manager, HE and Internationalization policy and projects will report to the IAU Secretary General, and will collaborate with other staff at the IAU as well as with a large network of higher education and internationalization experts in institutions and organizations around the world. The Manager’s responsibilities include project management, programme and project development, policy analysis, research and information gathering and dissemination, conference and workshop organization, presentations and representation of the IAU. While internationalization of higher education will be a primary focus, projects and policy developments in other areas of higher education may require a broader focus for this position over time. Deadline for applications: 15 November 2014. Please send your CV + Letter to Ms. Angella NINO, Manager Finance and Administration a.nino@iau-aiu.net. More...

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New plans for the IAU Global Meeting of Associations in May 2015

IAU and the African hosts of the 6th edition of the IAU Global Meeting of Associations (GMA), scheduled for May in West Africa, have agreed to postpone the GMA in Africa until 2017.
Instead, IAU welcomes new partners for this GMA: the Inter America Organization of Higher Education (IOHE-OUI) and the host institution, Université de Montréal, both Members of the Association who have agreed to collaborate with IAU to organize this GMA in Montreal.
The dates for the 6th GMA remain 7 and 8 May 2015, however, the new location has inspired the partners to focus on a new theme: Social innovation: challenges and perspectives for higher education, which will call on the various national, regional and international university associations, networks and groups to explore how universities are involved in social innovations, how they link up to governments, civil society and industry to develop new solutions to social problems.
For more inflormation, click here. More...

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