05 octobre 2014

Tech industry looks for students who are…homeless?

eCampus NewsBy Jason Shueh - . The Learning Shelter began as an idea – to provide those in need with tech tools, mentors and coaching. And it turned into a “what if?” — a conjecture that asked, “If the homeless had hireable industrial tech skills, would they still be homeless?”
For Founder Marc Roth, personal experience tells him no, and he’s putting this to the test with the official launch of the Learning Shelter, a 90-day live-in tech education program for the homeless with classes that will start in the first half of 2015. More...

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Choosing college: What we don’t know

eCampus NewsBy  - . Every September, over one million newly minted high school grads load up the family car with their possessions and head to State U or a private liberal arts college to spend the next four years coming of age in a cozy campus environment. More...

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CNBC’s finance expert weighs in on the future of higher education

eCampus NewsBy Meris Stansbury - . The future of higher education and what it may look like in just 10 years from now is a discussion on many tables, with everyone from concerned parents to university presidents trying to predict how institutional models will rapidly evolve in the next few years–not an easy task. More...

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20 essential apps for online learners

eCampus NewsBy Meris Stansbury - . Technology and its potential to simplify life for its users can be a beautiful thing, which can be seen in the example of providing online learning for students. But, unless you have the right technology to streamline tasks and aid in learning, going online for education can also be a nightmare. More...

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Higher education: It’s all about the user experience

eCampus NewsBy Meris Stansbury - . “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but higher education is in the user experience industry right now,” said one big-name vendor during EDUCAUSE’s annual conference in Orlando. “It’s the first time anyone’s ever really seen this level of dedication to the ‘customer,’ as they like to call it.” More...

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