27 septembre 2014

Guidance on Pathway Programs for Foreign Students

HomeThe Student and Exchange Visitor Program is expected to post new draft guidance regarding the certification of pathway programs for international students today. The guidance, which is the second such draft, defines a pathway program as a “postsecondary program of study combining nonremedial and remedial coursework to prepare a student who is unable to meet the requirements for admission into a degree program.” Read more...

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Census Bureau: Enrollment Dropped in 2013

HomeCollege enrollments dropped for the second straight year in 2013, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau. But those drops are but a fraction of the large gains that came first. Enrollments fell by nearly half a million -- 460,000 -- between 2012 and 2013. Read more...

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What I Wish I'd Known

HomeBy Alexander L. Wisnoski III. First-year graduate students have now settled into their new environs ready to embark on the life of the mind. They have met with advisers and department chairs, and likely gone through some formal orientation. The sessions normally address how their research money can be used (provided there is any), how to write a teaching assistant syllabus, how to write a grant application, and a number of other topics with varying levels of utility. Read more...

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Taking the Risk

HomeBy Melissa Dennihy. In “Too Soon?,” Cheryl E. Ball warns against going on the job market without a “(nearly) completed” dissertation. Hers is a viewpoint I have heard many times, and she raises valid concerns that A.B.D. candidates should consider. But failure isn’t the only possible outcome of going on the market while A.B.D. — taking that risk may help to propel the stagnant graduate student forward into a new phase of professional life. Read more...

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Introducing Carpe Careers

HomeBy The Executive Board of the GCC. To introduce this new column, the authors asked Inside Higher Ed to pose some questions for them to answer to explain where Carpe Careers will be headed.
Q: Who writes this column?
The authors for Carpe Careers are members of the Graduate Career Consortium (GCC). The mission of the GCC is to help members provide career and professional development for doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars at GCC member institutions. The GCC provides national leadership and serves as a national voice for graduate-level career and professional developmentRead more...

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Taking Male Students Seriously

HomeBy Rocco L. Capraro. Today’s college men, as a group, are not doing so well — in comparison with today’s college women and with college men of the past. Many men are simply not attending college at all; and of those who matriculate, they are not graduating in large numbers, again, as compared to women and to previous generations of men. Coming out of high school, they are not as well prepared for college. They are reading less than girls and less than boys of older generations. In fact, if college admissions were gender-blind, the vast majority of students at our most selective colleges would be womenRead more...

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The Anti-Academic’s Anti-Academic

HomeBy Charles Green. Like many academics, I’ve almost never left school. The students who occupy my mental energy most are the worst, not the best; the interactions with colleagues I recall most immediately the harshest; the department memos that curdle in my memory are those spiced with typos. Those stories, with the whiff of gossip, earn the most laughs from my colleague-friendsRead more...

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Higher Ed Needs TEACH Act

HomeBy Bea Awoniyi and Stephan J. Smith. Recently there has been much debate about the proposed TEACH Act.  As the landscape in higher education has evolved, and most educational opportunities now require use of  electronic and information technology, institutions have been left without an effective structure for taking access for all into account. Currently, institutions have only lawsuits and enforcement actions to guide them; the point of the TEACH Act is to pave the way for consistent national guidance. The Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) supports the proposed legislation and seeks to clarify a few pointsRead more...

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That’s Just, Like, Your Opinion, Man

HomeBy Rebecca Schuman. This morning, after a poor night’s sleep punctuated by weird pregnancy nightmares and hourly wakings due to the discomforts of being newly behemoth, I lumbered over to my “office” (aka the other side of my apartment), and, loins girded, prepared to see what the internet beheld. As a freelancer with many different gigs, it’s not uncommon to have to “put out fires” first thing in the a.m., as they say, but this morning, all three rings in the circus of my life conflagrated at onceRead more...

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Say No to ‘Checklist’ Accountability

HomeBy Belle S. Wheelan and Mark A. Elgart. Calls for scorecards and rating systems of higher education institutions that have been floating around Washington, if used for purposes beyond providing comparable consumer information, would make the federal government an arbiter of quality and judge of institutional performanceRead more...

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