14 septembre 2014

National unions of students encouraged to participate in PL4SD

ESU - European Students' UnionThe European Students’ Union (ESU) strongly encourages its members to contribute to PL4SD project and invites all its colleagues to support the project by commenting on it.
The objective of the PL4SD project is to address the need for “peer learning” by collecting resources and developing collective measures to improve the social dimension of the European Higher Education Area. More...

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Lowest Ranked Korean Universities Face Cuts

http://www.ireg-observatory.org/templates/sub_business2/images/ireg_top2013.pngNineteen universities and colleges in South Korea are slated for a reduction in government funding from the beginning of 2015, according to an article by Kim Bong-Moon and Yoon Suk-Man in the Korea Joongang Daily.
The Ministry of Education has decided that a number of the lowest ranked institutions will see their admission quotas reduced since there are too many universities in Korea.
Korea Joongang Daily. More...

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New Edition of America’s Best Colleges

http://www.ireg-observatory.org/templates/sub_business2/images/ireg_top2013.pngThe US News and World Report has produced its latest edition of America’s Best Colleges. The list of national universities shows little change at the top. Princeton is in first place, Harvard second and Yale third, as they were last year.
Further down there are some changes. Chicago and Stanford have risen from equal fifth place to join Columbia at equal fourth. The University of Notre Dame has gone from 18th to 16th place and Purdue University from 68th to 62nd. The University of Illinois at Chicago dropped 21 places to number 149.
US News & World Report. More...

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Hungry for some education data? Go no further…

OECD educationtodayBy Dirk Van Damme, Head of the Innovation and Measuring Progress division, Directorate for Education and Skills. The 2014 edition of Education at a Glance: OECD Indicators is released today. Find out how your country compares with others in such areas as who participates in education, and to what level; the wage premium for workers with higher education; how much of the public budget is devoted to education; what teachers earn; which countries are most attractive to international students; how education, skills and employment are inter-related; and much, much more. To whet your appetite, try our interactive data charts below. Read more...

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EAHP seeks universities interested in partnering on EU projects


The European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) is inviting expressions of interests from universities that might be interested in participating in submissions for EU (cross-border hospital pharmacy) projects, particularly in the areas of “medicines reconciliation, antimicrobial stewardship and paediatric interventions such as Therapeutic Drug Monitoring”.
More information is available on the EAHP website. More...

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EU 2015 Budget negotiations: EUA warns against making cuts to research payments

LogoIn July, the Council of the EU’s Permanent Representatives Committee agreed its position on the EU draft budget for 2015, which is set to be negotiated in the next months with the other EU institutions (European Commission and Parliament).
EUA understands that the Council position on the draft budget proposal, which was formally adopted in early September, recommends making considerable cuts to the EC’s proposed 2015 payments for research and innovation, which include the framework programme, Horizon 2020. More...

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STORY Conference: Where Trainees and Traineeships Meet

GaucheThe STORY Final Conference aims at presenting the outcomes of the one year research study on recognition of mobility for study and training. Additionally, one of the main project outcomes will be launched during the conference, the Erasmusintern platform.
The Erasmusintern.org is a platform where Trainees and Traineeships meet. It has been developed in the framework of the STORY project which also generated some exciting numbers regarding international internships.
STORY project aims at improving the accessibility and quality of international internships and to increase the awareness regarding the existence of such opportunities for students across Europe. More...

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University Fees, Funding and $100,000 Degrees

http://www.nteu.org.au//var/files/thumbs/a780532dd116f8da145bac8c4c7961bc_e7e2a056b6c5e8722188bac5fbb3550f_w80_.jpgBy Paul Kniest. The Minister for Education Christopher Pyne and other supporters of his proposed changes to higher education funding and regulation have dismissed claims of $100,000 university degrees as exorbitant.
The Vice Chancellors who are supporting the government’s policy agenda could simply come out and declare that their university will not be charging $100,000 for any of its degrees should the government’s higher education bill be passed. More...

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HEFCE response to written ministerial statement on changes to Disabled Students' Allowance

HEFCE logoHEFCE is committed to working with universities, colleges and others to ensure as far as possible that disabled students are properly supported to succeed in their studies and in future employment.
In February 2014 the Government asked HEFCE to review the provision of support for disabled students in higher education. We have since commissioned two research projects which are looking at institutional strategies for supporting disabled students in a changing higher education landscape. Interim findings are expected in November, and final reports in March 2015. More...

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Significant increase in students entering postgraduate research with prior PG qualifications

HEFCE logoNew HEFCE analysis shows that the proportion of students entering postgraduate (PG) research degrees with a prior PG qualification has increased from 33 per cent to 59 per cent over the last 12 years [Note 1].
The report, by CRAC/Vitae and iCeGS, finds that universities remain ambitious to develop and grow their postgraduate research activity, but recognise that this will be challenging due to the availability of funding and international competition. More...

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