31 août 2014

Government to stop racism in SA education

Government will implement several measures to stop racism and discrimination in educational institutions, Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande said on Thursday.
"Ideally, we would like to see a charter on social inclusion. Every institution must have it, based on this policy. Racism is still a problem," he said, presenting a draft policy on social inclusion in the post-school education and training system.
"We thought that as we reflect on our 20 years of democracy, it is time that we pull this [policy] into a document. We have never had such a comprehensive document that guides all our institutions."
The social inclusion policy framework is intended to encourage constructive dialogue on issues including admission policies of universities. More...

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Talent analytics – The future for recruiters

By Sean Gallagher. In nations around the world, higher education policies and funding schemes are largely predicated on human capital theory: the concept that investments in education (and especially degrees) develop skills that are valued by employers, thus driving occupational attainment and earnings. Read more...

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The rise and rise of student recruitment agents

By Helen Obaje. Agents do a great deal to prepare international students for studying in the United Kingdom. The British Council’s Student Insight survey of 180,000 prospective international students shows that every year at least a third of the students surveyed say that will definitely use an agent, with another third undecided. Read more...

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Chinese students in the United States – A micro study

By Philip G Altbach. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the flagship campus in the Illinois public higher education system – ranking number 25 in the Academic Ranking of World Universities – is seeing a huge uptick in the number of undergraduate students from China. Numbers have increased from fewer than 20 first-year students in 2006 to more than 600 – about 10% of the first-year class. Read more...

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Universities need to get ready for India’s high fliers

By Rahul Choudaha. Engaging with Indian higher education has been always been a very complex endeavour for foreign institutions. However, Indian higher education is now priming up for new opportunities to recruit students and build partnerships. This time it is different as the opportunities are largely driven by student demand as opposed to policy reform. Read more...

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‘Stagnant’ students to be struck off enrolment register

By Makki Marseilles. Having ‘solved’, so to speak, problems that plague higher education – under-funding, lack of administration staff, conflicts arising from double-tier management and more – the Greek Education Ministry has turned its attention to 180,000 ‘eternal’ students who for various reasons have not completed their studies during the prescribed time – and is about to strike them off the register.
In an official letter the Education Ministry instructed all higher education institutions to compile a list of ‘stagnating’ students and strike them off the register by the end of the month because it is determined to “put an end to this degrading situation”. Read more...

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New president scraps controversial student quotas

Malawi’s new president, Peter Mutharika, has done away with the controversial student quota system, saying that six more universities will be built to widen access to higher education.
The president said a new university would first be built in the country’s northern region, an area that has traditionally been vehemently opposed to the quota system that based access to university on one’s place of origin rather than merit. Read more...

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Universities warn against cuts to EU research funding

The European University Association, or EUA, has warned the Council of the European Union against making “considerable cuts” to proposed funding for research and innovation, including to the major framework programme Horizon 2020.
In a press statement last Thursday, the EUA said it understood that the Council of Minister’s position – to be formally adopted in September – recommended reductions in research and innovation payments. Read more...

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Eight-year Egyptian plan for higher education

By Wagdy Sawahel. Egypt has announced a US$5.87 billion higher education plan – to run in two phases from 2014 to 2022 and including 61 initiatives – aimed at producing more market-ready graduates and promoting a knowledge-based economy.
The Plan for Higher Education, which includes creating five new universities a year, was unveiled by Minister of Higher Education Al-Sayyed Abdel-Khaleq on 6 August. Read more...

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Public says foreign student numbers should not be cut

By Brendan O'Malley. An overwhelming majority of the British public say the government should not reduce international student numbers – whether or not that limits the ability to cut the overall number of immigrants. Read more...

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