31 août 2014

Help students succeed with these time management tools

eCampus NewsBy Michael Keathley. As a James Madison University study showed, nearly half of learners feel overwhelmed by their academic workload and struggle to balance their personal and work lives with learning. More...

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Google Classroom enhances teacher-student communication

eCampus NewsBy Ron Bethke. With yet another year of school getting set to begin, this is a great time to take stock of the many ed-tech services that have the potential to transform the learning experience in the coming year and beyond. More...

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Why this type of university ranking may be more appealing

eCampus NewsBy  - . What is the most important factor when selecting a university?
In this depressed economic climate, tuition cost is a natural concern. Other issues ranging from degree completion rates to university reputation holds great weight. More...

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States get funding to better align degrees with economy, K-12

eCampus NewsBy . To further governors’ efforts to align education and training systems to the needs of state economies, the National Governors Association (NGA) this week announced support for 14 states: Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia. More...

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Why prioritizing communications at your college is critical

eCampus NewsBy . STEM skills and degrees are getting a lot of press lately, and especially the newcomer ‘entrepreneurship,’ but according to interesting national data from both the government and job sector, its communication skills that are not only most in-demand now, but hold continuing promise for the near future, thanks to data, social and mobile technologies. More...

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College presidents predict 4 new institutional models for higher-ed

eCampus NewsBy . A new think-tank-esque collection of leading college and university presidents last year came together to discuss the trends and disruptions shaping higher education thanks to new technologies and the evolving global economy. Outside of just naming trends, they also predicted four new models of higher-ed that may exist in the next 10 years. More...

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Top universities’ new platform helps with retention, post-grad careers

eCampus NewsBy . It’s called an LRM (Learning Relationship Management) platform, and as its founder told me, does for learning what CRM did for sales: It boosts collaborative relationships, yields return-on-investment, and ultimately bolsters performance for all involved. More...

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Should universities be run like startups?

eCampus NewsBy . There’s growing momentum around the question as to whether or not colleges and universities should run like startups; in other words, should higher-ed institutions cater more to the economy with collaboration, curriculum, and services to pipeline students for jobs? However, it seems many practices implemented in leading universities may already embody the collaborative startup mentality. More...

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Universities have been ‘using the points system’ to inflate demand

By Joe Humphreys. The chair of a universities’ task force on reforming admissions procedures for third level has admitted colleges have been artificially inflating points by offering courses with a small student intake.
Prof Philip Nolan, president of NUI Maynooth and chair of the Irish Universities Association’s task group on reform of university selection and entry, said “all of us have become embroiled in a system where we’ve been using the points system . . . to try to attract students in”. More...

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University system geared towards foreign students could undermine our economy, says warns vice-chancellor

The IndependentBy Richard Garner. Universities are being forced to teach overseas students who return home with skills that help build their countries to compete against us, a leading vice-chancellor warns on Monday.
Nigel Carrington, vice-chancellor of the University of the Arts (UAL) in London, argued that more foreign students will need to be taken on because of universities’ growing financial difficulties. This will ultimately undermine the economy, he said, as they often leave the UK with the skills they have learnt here. Read more...

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