European Commission logoThe multilingual online resources centre Lingu@net WorldWide is on the way to being transformed into an interactive and dynamic service, involving more users and creating networks.
Lingu@net WorldWide , an EU Commission funded project under the Lifelong Learning Programme ,  has been providing good quality catalogued language resources to teachers and learners, researchers and language professionals for over 10 years. Through the Lingu@netWork project, it is now possible to add a major new dimension to the site, making it more attractive and relevant for today’s needs.
Users will be able to:

  • Upload, rate and comment on resources;
  • Meet in user forums and discussion groups to explore details of grammar or teaching methods in detail.

The newly designed website, launched in 2014, will be truly multilingual with access in some major world languages (Arabic, Chinese and Russian) as well as widely-spoken European languages (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish) and some less widely used languages (Catalan and Greek). More...