30 août 2014

Scottish government fees stance ‘incompatible with EU law’

By . Former ECJ judge’s legal opinion casts doubts on post-independence policy. A former judge of the European Court of Justice has said the Scottish government’s plan to continue its existing tuition fee policy after independence would be “incompatible” with European Union law and “could not survive challenge” in the courts. More...

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Oxbridge influence over key public roles laid bare

By Martha Elwell. New research has demonstrated the monopoly of a small social elite over public leadership positions in Britain. The research, carried out by the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission, analysed the educational backgrounds of more than 4,000 people in positions of power. More...

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Net migration figures push 250,000

By . Net migration has risen to 243,000 in the past year, dashing government hopes of meeting its target, although student immigration has remained stable. Figures published by the Office for National Statistics today look to have ended the Conservatives’ hopes of meeting their pledge to reduce net migration to the “tens of thousands” by 2015. More...

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Public against cutting back on overseas students, poll finds

By . A majority of the public say the government should not reduce overseas student numbers, polling suggests. An ICM poll for thinktank British Future and Universities UK finds that 59 per cent of the public believe the government should not cut international student numbers, even if that limits the government’s ability to cut immigration numbers overall. Only 22 per cent took the opposing view, the report says. More...

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Investigated private college granted further loan access

By . A private college that was the subject of a newspaper investigation has been given continued permission by the government to access public funds. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills organised an inspection of the London School of Science and Technology, whose main base is in Wembley, north London, in June following allegations in The Guardian. More...

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Students face line-of-credit risks

By Lauren Krugel. Experts say these tools can help with education but need to be used carefully.
The line of credit was only supposed to be for a cheap set of wheels to get Krystal Yee to her classes and part-time jobs.
But soon after she purchased her $1,600 used car, Yee maxed out the entire $7,000 the bank had made available to her. More...

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Outrage over Foreign Student Scholarships

Education authorities in eastern China's Jiangsu Province recently stirred an outcry with publication of a plan to lure foreign students. According to the plan targets foreign applicants for universities in the province, successful candidates will receive a yearly scholarship of 50,000 to 90,000 yuan (US$8,333-15,000). More...

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Universitäten schmeissen ewige Studenten raus

20 Minuten Online LogoWer in Griechenland über zehn Jahre studiert, soll zwangsexmatrikuliert werden. Fast 155'000 Studenten sind betroffen – auch wenn einige eine Gnadenfrist erhalten.
Viele Griechen sind offenbar nur zum Schein an der Uni. Gut 155'000 Studierende sind gemäss dem «Tagesspiegel» seit mehr als zehn Jahren an der Universität eingeschrieben sein – trotzdem liegt ihr Abschluss in weiter Ferne. Dem will Erziehungsminister Andreas Loverdos ein Ende setzen. Bis Ende Jahr sollen die ewigen Studenten exmatrikuliert werden. Knapp 24'000 von ihnen bekommen eine letzte Frist, ihr Studium doch noch abzuschliessen. Insgesamt gehe das Ministerium von 178'458 Langzeitstudenten aus. Mehr...

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Shortening College Time to Save Cash: Stunt or Real Solution?

Fox Business - The Power to ProsperBy . With college costs continuing to outpace inflation and student debt being hailed as the next bubble of doom, some schools are coming up with creative alternatives to pare down costs.
Purdue University is just the latest college to debut a three-year degree in communications, promising savings of between $9,000 and $20,000. More...

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Bill opens door to putting private and public universities on same footing

The ConversationBy Emmaline Bexley. There’s a devil lurking in the detail of the higher education reform bill presented to parliament. As expected, the bill, introduced yesterday, proposes to open Commonwealth subsidies for undergraduate teaching to private higher education providers. These will have access to 70% of the per-student rate that universities receive.
But commentators and universities seem to have missed one crucial aspect of the bill: if passed, any higher education provider “registered under the TEQSA (Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency) Act in a category that allows the provider to use the word ‘university’” in its name will be able to access 100% of the Commonwealth subsidy. What that means is that the whole idea of a “public university” in Australia just disappeared. More...

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