Created in the early 70s, the French Centre for Research on Qualifications’ mission is to conduct studies on employability of labor forces and on the evolution of certifications and competencies.
 Céreq works primarily to inform public authorities, economic and social actors on the construction and the provision of training (types of degrees, training modalities, etc.) in response to economic changes, employment conditions, work organization and technological evolutions.
As such, it plays an important role in committees of experts dealing with the evolution of French systems of initial vocational training (especially the professional advisory committees managed by the French Ministries of National Education, Labour, Agriculture, Health, Youth and Sports).
Céreq field of study has progressively expanded to all matters relating to initial and continuing vocational education and training: mobility, building competencies and skills throughout life, evaluating State aid systems for employment, observing transformations in training provision, analyzing the role of different actors of the education and training.  Since 1985 it became an autonomous public institution, under the aegis of Ministry of National Education, High Education and Research and the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Dialogue. More...