26 août 2014

Auvergne - Les outils du conseiller

AccueilDans cette rubrique, une sélection d'outils mis à disposition des conseillers, pour s'informer et accompagner leurs publics sur des thématiques ciblées.
Ces outils ont pour objectifs soit de :
- s'informer ou de communiquer auprès du grand public
- faciliter le service rendu immédiat à l'usager
- connaître ou retrouver les aides mobilisables en quelques clics
- obtenir des ordres de grandeur et ainsi prendre du recul. Voir l'article...

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Aquitaine - Les outils pour les professionnels

Aquitaine Cap MétiersCet espace du portail d'Aquitaine Cap Métiers a été spécifiquement conçu pour les professionnels, prescripteurs et organismes de formation, utilisateurs de nos outils. Actualités sur les marchés publics, documents techniques du PRF, assistance, évolutions du portail et dysfonctionnements. Tous les sujets sont abordés pour vous permettre de travailler au mieux avec nos outils.
Depuis cette page, vous accédez également aux manifestations, au programme de professionnalisation Cap Métiers Formation créé spécifiquement pour les professionnels ainsi que l'Université de la Formation, de l'Education et de l'Orientation.
Vous y trouverez enfin les documents et études imaginés pour vous : Publications et études des Observatoires, newsletter C@pHebdo, bibliothèque numérique et fonds documentaire avec les ouvrages clés pour les professionnels. Voir l'article...

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Remove the muzzle from government scientists

By David Schindler. Politicians are twisting and hiding science that reveals flaws in their policies. Most scientists are by nature introverts, happiest in the field or the laboratory, willing to talk about their work if asked but not inclined to be self-promoters. But on Monday, they demonstrated in public in several Canadian cities to protest the muzzling of government scientists and the de-emphasis of government environmental science. More...

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Toronto based researcher works to preserve ancient Syriac inscriptions

Go to the Globe and Mail homepageBy Anqi Shen. More than a decade ago, Amir Harrak spent three sweltering summers in his native Iraq, photographing inscriptions written in the Classical Syriac language. The University of Toronto researcher had set out to document the centuries-old engravings, knowing many would eventually be lost.
In July, his worries returned when Islamic State militants took over the Catholic monastery of Mar Behnam in northern Iraq and detonated explosives that destroyed the Mosque of the Prophet Younis (Jonah), near the city of Mosul. More...

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Survey: Kids off base on school costs

The Chronicle HeraldBy Alexandra Bosanac. Students often fail to account for post-secondary costs beyond tuition — researcher. Post-secondary students grossly underestimate the cost of school, not to mention how much support they’ll need from their parents, a new survey shows.
The online poll, conducted in July for CIBC, found that 67 per cent of parents were willing to pay for two-thirds of their children’s post-secondary education while, on average, their kids believed their parents were footing only a third of the bill. More...

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Corporate Japan out to recruit more global talent

HomeJapanese companies are gearing up for an extensive international student recruitment campaign — a human resource strategy supporting a larger game plan to deploy their businesses more globally.
Mr Isao Ogake, director of global career and education at Disco, a job fair organiser that hosted an international job bazaar in Tokyo, said corporate Japan’s appetite to engage more non-Japanese has been soaring, reflecting a growing desire to go global and to add diversity to the workforce. More...

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Leaked modelling forecasts massive windfalls for top unis

By Benjamin Preiss and Marc Moncrief. Australia's elite universities could gain hundreds of millions of dollars a year from changes proposed in the federal budget, leaked documents show.
Confidential modelling prepared for university officials suggests Australia's top universities could reap up to half a billion dollars in one year under the most extreme cases, while regional universities stand to gain far less, sparking fears that the divide between regional and city institutes could widen. Read more...

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Digital India Programme promises free wi-fi to all school, universities

India.comBy . On August 20, the Cabinet approval to the Digital India programme, which aims to transform India into a digital-empowered knowledge economy. Envisaged by Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), the programme will be implemented in phases and will be completed by 2014. More...

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In higher education quality is in the eye of the beholder

The ConversationBy Jane O'Callaghan Kotzmann. In his National Press Club address, Christopher Pyne argued that higher education deregulation will “transform opportunities for Australians, particularly young Australians to get the quality higher education in Australia that they deserve” and enable Australia to “create some of the best universities in the world and the best higher education system in the world”. The problem is that the government’s version of quality is not necessarily the same quality that potential students, their families and academia may have in mind. More...

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Standards of higher education institutes ‘abysmally low’: Pranab

Return to frontpagePresident Pranab Mukherjee on Sunday expressed concern over the standards of higher education in the country.
According to him, standards of higher education institutes (in India) in comparison to international benchmarks are “abysmally low”.
This “saddens” him, especially when he sees there are 37,000 degree colleges, 11,000 diploma poly-technical institutes and 720 universities. More...

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