24 août 2014

Highest Security for your Files in the Cloud

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Highest Security for your Files in the Cloud

So I've been thinking more about data security lately. Not data security in the sense of preventing the NSA or Chinese hackers from getting at my files if they really want to - that's probably not possible. But security in the sense of preventing average criminals and companies like Google from trolling my data and using it for commercial purposes. More...

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Web Trolls Winning as Incivility Increases

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Web Trolls Winning as Incivility Increases
Farhad Manjoo, New York Times, 2014/08/18

I don't think there's a "war" on trolls, exactly (the last thing the world needs is another war) but it seems  clear that the web is becoming increasingly uncivil. But rather than simply blaming the usual culprits - users and trolls - I invite readers to consider some related items to question whether it's a structural defect. More...

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Personnels enseignants du supérieur : bilans et statistiques

Études et regards statistiques concernant les personnels enseignants de l'enseignement supérieur.
Contribution aux publications du ministère de l'enseignement supérieur et de la recherche
Etat des lieux de l'emploi scientifique en France
rapport 2013   rapport 2009   rapport 2007
Etat de l'enseignement supérieur et de la recherche en France
n° 7 - avril 2014
n° 6 - février 2013 n° 5 - décembre 2011 n° 4 - décembre 2010
n° 3 - décembre 2009 n° 2 - décembre 2008 n° 1 - novembre 2007

Bilan social de l'enseignement supérieur
Bilan 2013

Bilan des campagnes de recrutement et d'affectation
campagne 2013 (session synchronisée)
campagne 2012 (session synchronisée)
campagne 2011 (session synchronisée)
campagne 2010 (session synchronisée)
campagne 2009 (session synchronisée)
étude des candidatures aux postes d'enseignants-chercheurs - campagne 2008
campagne 2008 (première session)
étude des candidatures aux postes d'enseignants-chercheurs - campagne 2007
campagne 2007 (première et deuxième session)
campagne 2007 (première session)
campagne 2006 (première session)
campagne 2005 (première et deuxième session)
campagne 2004 (première et deuxième session)
campagne 2003 (première et deuxième session)
campagne 2002 (première et deuxième session)
campagne 2001 (première et deuxième session)

Etude de la promotion des qualifiés aux fonctions de professeur des universités et de maître de conférences
tableaux excel campagne 2014 (premiers résultats)
tableaux excel campagne 2013  Etude campagne 2013
campagne 2012 campagne 2011 campagne 2010
campagne 2009 campagne 2008 campagne 2007
campagne 2006 campagne 2005

Etudes de l'avancement de grade des enseignants-chercheurs
Etude de l'avancement de grade des enseignants-chercheurs sur la période 1993-2007
Etude de l'avancement spécifique des enseignants-chercheurs sur la période 2002-2009

Etudes pluriannuelles relatives au recrutement des enseignants-chercheurs
Etude du recrutement des MCF dans le corps des PR entre 1993 et 2007
Etude de l'endo-recrutement chez les enseignants-chercheurs entre 1993 et 2007

Bilans des origines des enseignants-chercheurs recrutés
campagne 2013 campagne 2013 - tableaux
campagne 2012 campagne 2011 campagne 2010
campagne 2009 campagne 2008 campagne 2007
campagne 2006 campagne 2005 campagne 2004
campagne 2003 campagne 2002

Situation des personnels enseignants non-permanents affectés dans l'enseignement supérieur
année universitaire 2012-2013 tableaux excel 2012-2013
année universitaire 2011-2012 tableaux excel 2011-2012
année universitaire 2010-2011 année universitaire 2009-2010 année universitaire 2008-2009
année universitaire 2007-2008 année universitaire 2006-2007 année universitaire 2005-2006
année universitaire 2004-2005 année universitaire 2003-2004

Notes d'information relatives aux personnels enseignants de l'enseignement supérieur
N.I. n° 13-07 août : année universitaire 2011-2012
N.I. n° 12-08 juillet : année universitaire 2010-2011
N.I. n° 11-06 mai : année universitaire 2009-2010
N.I. n° 09-24 : année universitaire 2008-2009
N.I. n° 08-25 : année universitaire 2007-2008
N.I. n° 07-46 : année universitaire 2006-2007
N.I. n° 07-03 : année universitaire 2005-2006
N.I. n° 05-35 : année universitaire 2004-2005
N.I. n° 04-29 : année universitaire 2003-2004
N.I. n° 04-03 : année universitaire 2002-2003
N.I. n° 03-36 : année universitaire 2001-2002
N.I. n° 02-42 : année universitaire 2000-2001
N.I. n° 02-06 : année universitaire 1999-2000
N.I. n° 00-43 : année universitaire 1998-1999
N.I. n° 99-25 : année universitaire 1997-1998
N.I. n° 98-33 : année universitaire 1996-1997

Etudes et regards statistiques relatifs aux personnels enseignants de l'enseignement supérieur
Enseignants non permanents
Origine des recrutés

Etudes démographiques
maîtres de conférences et professeurs des universités associés
enseignants-chercheurs (2008-2009)
enseignants-chercheurs (2006-2007)
enseignants-chercheurs (2004-2005)

Recrutement et affectation des enseignants-chercheurs : Enquête qualité menée auprès des établissements d'enseignement supérieur
Session 2010
Session 2009. Voir l'article...

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Adapting to Serve Inner-City Students

The EvoLLLutionBy  - EvoLLLution. 1. What are the most significant challenges higher education institutions face when it comes to increasing accessibility for inner-city youth?
The first thing you have to think about is what [the term] “inner-city youth” means. For most people, “inner city youth” means they’re low income and often underprepared, although there are lots of youth in inner cities that are doing just fine. More...

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Look in the Mirror to Improve Higher Ed for First-Generation Students

The EvoLLLutionBy  - EvoLLLution. 1. What are the biggest roadblocks first-generation students face when it comes to accessing higher education?
A number of students are not in homes in which someone knows what it takes to be successfully admitted to and enrolled in a university. You’d be surprised how many people will wait until the summer to talk about doing what’s necessary to go to college when there is an application process, a deadline, which may be April or May and then the issue of financial aid. What happens to a number of students who are first generation [is] they end up saying at the last minute that they definitely want to go to college and they plan to go, but they simply have not understood the timing involved in that decision making. More...

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Toward a Two-Generation Approach: Innovative Strategies to Improve Education and Training for Parents

The EvoLLLutionBy Co-Written with Manuela Ekowo - EvoLLLution. In today’s economy, postsecondary education and workforce training are the gatekeepers for economic mobility — both for individuals and their families. Nearly two-thirds of all jobs will require at least some postsecondary education by 2020. For low-income workers, postsecondary credentials are crucial to obtaining stable, family-supporting employment, entering the middle class and ending the intergenerational cycle of poverty. Evidence indicates that a parent’s economic status is inextricably linked with child well-being; children in poor families are substantially more likely to be poor as an adult compared to children in more affluent families. More...

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Against the Grain: Evolving the Institution to Attract and Retain Single Parents

The EvoLLLutionBy  - EvoLLLution. Midwest private colleges are going all out to attract a dwindling number of recent high school graduates. The truth is they’ve missed an entire group of dedicated students waiting to be discovered. Nationally, more than one third of adults over the age of 25 have no college education. Colleges committed to having a positive impact on their community can make a major dent in local poverty by investing in college success for low-income single mothers in particular. More...

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Three Keys to Keeping Your Boomers in Class with the Grades to Pass

The EvoLLLutionBy  - EvoLLLution. It’s high season on college campuses around the country as new student orientations prepare a new freshmen class for the coming semester at San Jacinto College (San Jac). I catch the eye of the young First Year Experience (FYE) leader as she leads her tour to a stop outside The N2L Outreach and Support Center for the Adult Learner. More...

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Making Changes to Better Serve Plus-50 Students Seeking Workforce Training

The EvoLLLutionBy  - EvoLLLution. Community colleges throughout the country are assisting adults aged 50 and over coming to campus to update their workplace skills and train for new careers. But these non-traditional students have special needs and many colleges find just a few simple adjustments can ease their pathway back into higher education. More...

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Six Steps to Helping Career Changers Re-Enter the Workforce

The EvoLLLutionBy  - EvoLLLution. So, how does a higher education institution, adept at working with Jake’s children, change to better serve older career changers like Jake?
1. Make the Bureaucracy Easier
Higher education bureaucratic processes are notably complex and, especially for someone who has not been involved with an enrollment process or financial aid application for decades, it can become a barrier to access. To overcome this, institutions should offer services such as in-person service advising and registration, numerous flexible payment options, printed class summaries and a plethora of online options. Tangible items and a friendly face with a compassionate ear help ease the stress of more mature students. More...

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