11 août 2014

What Would Thomas Jefferson Say About the Internet?

http://www.hastac.org/files/imagecache/Small/hastac-icon.jpgBy Cathy Davidson. I wouldn't be a historian of the Internet had I not been trained as a historian of the book.  Or I certainly would not have had the long historical perspective on this new tool and been able to see its possibilities, its dangers, and our responsibilities for teaching our students how to use it well.   The alarmism and hysteria, though?  That seemed all too familiar.   When Nicholas Carr and others were sounding all the alarms about the evils that the Internet would cause--shallowness, distraction, loneliness, and the rest--it sounded to me pretty much like Thomas Jefferson's early assessment of the novel.  Parallel to Carr's famous indictment of Google, Jefferson was sure novels made you stupid. More...

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