22 juillet 2014

Misconceptions about (the end of) internationalisation

By Hans de Wit. In 2011, I wrote two provocative essays. The first one, together with Uwe Brandenburg, had the provocative title “The End of Internationalisation”. We spoke of our concerns about an increasingly instrumentalist approach, a devaluation of the meaning of internationalisation and a lack of innovation, and warned that we should no longer take things for granted and that internationalisation needed to be reinvented for the future. Read more...

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In international student recruitment, questions about integrity persist

By Karin Fischer, The Chronicle of Higher Education. The agent debate is dead. Long live the integrity debate. For some time now, the discussion about whether American colleges could use commission-based agents when recruiting students abroad has been the hottest of hot-button issues in international admissions, with each camp staking out fiercely partisan positions. Read more...

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Universities agree need for Arab world mobility scheme

By Karen MacGregor. An Erasmus-style exchange programme for the Arab world gained ground at the second Arab-Euro higher education conference held in Jordan last month. “It received substantial support from people who are at universities and also contribute to policy-making in the region,” said Michael Gaebel, head of higher education policy at the European University Association.
There were 250 participants – including 150 university leaders and vice-presidents as well as officials – at the AECHE conference held in Amman, Jordan, from 10-12 June and titled “Strengthening Arab-Euro University Collaboration: The importance of regional mobility”. Read more...

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A revamped vision for international education

By Robert Coelen. Dutch Minister for Education, Culture and Science Dr Jet Bussemaker has released a new vision for the internationalisation of education. It positions The Netherlands as a knowledge economy with a quality education system that offers opportunities for talented young people worldwide – who the country would like to attract permanently – and includes all levels of education. Read more...

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Top universities fail to attract students from poorer backgrounds

By David Jobbins. The United Kingdom’s élite universities are failing to attract students from disadvantaged backgrounds despite making “considerable” efforts and offering financial support to offset the impact of higher tuition fees. A report from the Office for Fair Access, or OFFA, says the top 20% of young people from the most advantaged backgrounds are more than six times more likely to attend a top university than the most disadvantaged 40%. Read more...

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Universities minister quits as PM changes face of government

By David Jobbins. David Willetts, the United Kingdom universities and science minister in David Cameron's coalition government since 2010, has quit to return to the back benches and will leave parliament at the next general election in 2015. Read more...

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