LogoThe University of Lorraine in France is organising “Science & You”, a series of scientific and cultural events taking place from 1 to 6 June 2015.
Targeted at all stakeholders interested in science communication, “Science & You 2015” will include: the Journées Hubert Curien (JHC) international conference which looks to bring together experts in science communication; a forum open to the general public with stands and demonstrations; a training event on science communication; and a series of other events for the general public spread across the Lorraine region.
The organisers have launched a call for participation and contributions for both the Journées Hubert Curien and forum under the title: “Scientific culture on the move: forms of mobilization, cultural and political contexts, social links”.
For more information on how to submit a proposal by 15 September 2014, please view the event website. More...