LogoTwelve universities and companies in eight European countries are running a project called EMMA (European Multiple MOOC Aggregator). Supported by funding from the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme Framework Programme of the European Union, the EMMA project is described as a 30-month pilot action that will provide access to MOOCs in “different languages and supported by automatic transcription”.
According to the project website, the first EMMA MOOCs are due to go live in September 2014 and are provided by universities in Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the UK on subjects such as business management, social innovation and cultural heritage, and climate change.
It also notes that “EMMA will operate in two main modes: as an aggregator and hosting system of courses produced by European universities and as a system that enables learners to construct their own learning paths using units from MOOCs as building blocks”. Once operational, EMMA will be open for other providers who wish to make their MOOCs available in multiple languages and across borders.
For more information please visit the project website: http://europeanmoocs.eu/. More...