22 juin 2014

Understanding Student Needs Vital to Succeeding in the Graduate Student Environment

The EvoLLLutionBy , co-written with Marian Cohen - EvoLLLution. In a previous EvoLLLution article (Three Factors Influencing Persistence and Withdrawal for Part-Time Adult Graduate Students) we shared some of the findings from a study of adult students attending part-time graduate programs at a public university.[1] As we reported, the leading reason why some students had withdrawn or seriously considered withdrawing from their program was due to “feeling overwhelmed by the workload.” We suggested that prior to their matriculation, adult students need to fully understand the expectations of graduate-level coursework, the requirements of the federal credit-hour definition and the changes they would need to make in their lives to successfully manage school on top of work, family, financial and other obligations. More...

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