ESN logoWhat is the STORY Student Guidebook?
The STORY (Strengthening the Training Opportunities for International Youth) project is an EU funded project that aims at improving the accessibility and quality of international traineeships, as well as at increasing the awareness on the existence of such opportunities for youth.
A research on the subject through online questionnaires will be committed. STORY Survey 2014 will not only analyse the accessibility and quality of study and training mobility programmes but will also survey obstacles, especially the ones related to recognition, and expectations observed by the main actors involved in mobility for studies and traineeships (Students, Higher Education Institutions, National Agencies and Receiving Companies/Organisations).
In the frame of the dissemination of the results from this research, ESN edited the Student Guidebook, which aims to guide international students step-by-step through the process of academic recognition before, during and after their exchange experience.
You can read the last edition July 2013 of the Student Guidebook here. More...