15 juin 2014

Final Gainful-Employment Rule Is Expected in October

By Andy Thomason. The Department of Education plans to finalize its controversial gainful-employment rule in October, according to a notice scheduled for publication in Friday’s Federal Register. The rule, which proposes cutting off federal financial aid to programs whose graduates have high rates of default or high levels of student-loan debt relative to their incomes, has been the subject of long and contentious debate. More...

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Using Text-Message Reminders to Boost Student Persistence

By . A recent paper found that more than 18 percent of students who received a Pell Grant in their freshman year and earned at least a 3.0 GPA—a group that would seem to have every reason to reapply for aid—failed to do so. Close to half of the members of that group did not return to college for their sophomore year. Even those who did return had lower persistence rates later on than students who had reapplied for aid. More...

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Your Cybertutor Wants to Confuse You—for Your Own Good

By . Picture this: You’re seated across the table from your organic-chemistry tutor. She presents you with a particularly tough problem. Exasperated, you force a thin half-smile. The tutor reads your facial cues, senses your frustration, and offers reassurance. Now imagine this: Your tutor is a camera-equipped computer capable of reading, analyzing, and reacting to your emotions. More...

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Academics Continue Flirting With a Former Foe: Wikipedia

By . Google “straight turkey,” and you will find references to the Dardanelles (a Turkish strait), Wild Turkey brand whiskey, and a recent soccer match between the United States and, you guessed it, Turkey.
You will not encounter the defunct Los Angeles-based art magazine by the same name—at least not yet.
Next weekend East of Borneo, an art magazine founded and funded by the California Institute of the Arts, will host the fourth in a series of Wikipedia edit-a-thons intended to enhance Los Angeles’s art history by gathering local art enthusiasts and teaching them how to create and edit Wikipedia articles. More...

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When Literature Was Dangerous

subscribe todayBy Steven G. Kellman. From a prison cell in Nigeria in 1995, the novelist and environmental activist Ken Saro-Wiwa wrote to PEN USA: "I’ve often envied those writers in the Western world who can peacefully practice their craft and earn a living thereby." Shortly after sending off his letter, Saro-Wiwa was hanged by the military régime of General Sani Abacha. For many writers throughout the world, marshaling words on a page still imperils their lives. The Freedom to Write Committee of PEN International monitors more than 500 cases of persecuted writers each year. They include: Nobel Peace Prize-winner Liu Xiaobo, who is serving 11 years in a Chinese prison; Nguyen Xuan Nghia, a Vietnamese poet, novelist, and essayist who is serving six years for dissident writing; and Mohammed al-Ajami, who is serving 15 years in Qatar for composing two poems critical of the emir. It is not so for American authors, though a peculiar paradox is at play. Philip Roth, returning from a trip to Communist-controlled Prague, expressed it in his observation: "There, nothing goes and everything matters; here everything goes and nothing matters." Suppression is the compliment a dictatorship pays to the moral authority of its authors. More...

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8 Things You Should Know About MOOCs

subscribe todayBy Jonah Newman and Soo Oh. Before Harvard and MIT released data last month on their first 16 edX MOOCs, we already knew a few things: Millions of people register for massive open online courses, though far fewer receive certificates of completion. Most MOOC participants already have a college degree, even those outside the United States. But there was a lot we didn’t know, especially about who took different types of MOOCs and how much of the course content they viewed. This information may be valuable to those looking to design and lead successful MOOCs. Here’s what we’ve learned from this first data release covering more than half a million students. More...

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The Professor and the Market - Can higher education build real market-feedback mechanisms?

By . In his inaugural address last September, Dartmouth College President Philip J. Hanlon emphasized that “we must fully harness the power of experiential learning – learning by doing.” Such learning, which challenges students to test their ideas in practice and refine them in light of experience, is a major emphasis at leading institutions of higher education today. As rates of economic disruption have accelerated, the ability to derive solutions for which there is no existing formula has become a survival skill for many careers. In the face of this, top global programs have intensified their emphasis on experiential education as a bet on future rankings and leadership. More...

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How the cloud is changing higher education

By Ian Barker. Cloud usage is changing more and more areas of our lives. You might expect the education sector to be at the forefront of this and a new infographic released by digital marketing specialists Pulp-PR shows how it's being affected. More...

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Colleges with many Twitter followers don’t always engage

By Lauren Williams. Colleges and universities with the most Twitter activity are missing out on engaging prospective students via the platform, according to new research from Brandwatch, a social media monitoring and analytics firm. The analysis used a Thomson Reuters list of the top 10 U.S. university mentions on Twitter from January 31 through March 31. The big finding: The main Twitter handles of these schools were used mostly for broadcasting university-specific and industry news, according to the research. More...

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Listening for the Silences

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/large/public/confessions_of_a_community_college_dean_blog_header.jpgBy Matt Reed. Purposely vague excerpt from actual conversation this week:
“What did you think?”
“It was…(long pause)...”
The pause mattered far more than the words that followed it.  Followup questions revealed that the pause did, in fact, portend. Read more...

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