14 juin 2014

Die Zukunft Freier Bildungsmaterialien mit gestalten: Der Call for Participation der OERde14 endet am 17. Juni

Am 12. und 13. September findet in Berlin die größte Konferenz zu Freien Bildungsmaterialien in Kontinentaleuropa statt: OERde14 - Die Zukunft Freier Bildungsmaterialien.
Der begleitende Call for Participation (CfP) endet am Mittwoch, den 17. Juni. Wikimedia Deutschland lädt herzlich ein, sich daran zu beteiligen. More...

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Open Education: How to Get There Through Open Government & Open Education Data

The latest ePSI platform monthly topic report examines how open government and open data initiatives could contribute towards opening up education in European countries, especially those aspiring towards EU integration. Topic Report. More...

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Veni, Vidi, Vici: three competitions for innovative applications of open data in education

The LinkedUp Challenge consists of three consecutive competitions looking for interesting and innovative tools and applications that analyse and/or integrate open web data for educational purposes. LinkedUp Challenge. More...

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Opensource.com explains the basics of "What is Open Education?"

Opensource.com has put together a new resource dedicated to explaining Open Education in a Q&A format.
What is Open Education? on OpenSource.com. More...

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10 short videos to get you fully primed on Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) are becoming ever more abundant and accepted, there is still a need for a better mainstream understanding of what open resources are and how they can be used. This series of informative videos addressed to teachers and educators covers the basics and more. OER videos. More...

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Join the discussion on 'MOOC accreditation and employability' in this upcoming webinar

What are you doing on July 1?
We invite you to join our webinar at 11am CEST on the theme of MOOC accreditation and its relevance to employers.
One of the primary concerns about MOOCs (according to our informal survey) is how to connect accreditation and certification with the needs of employers. This upcoming webinar, organised by the MOOCS for Web Talent Network, will give all interested stakeholders a chance to discuss the latest issues. More...

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You can now download the learning data of over 1 million students in MIT and Harvard MOOCs

HarvardX and MITx offered 16 first-year MOOCs on the edX platform in 2012-2013. The learning data from the students enrolled in those courses, numbering over one million, has been de-identified and released for public re-use.
MIT press release. More...

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Survey on the value and potential of certification for MOOCs

If you are involved in improving employee skills or making decisions on job candidates - i.e. HR Manager, CEO,  CTO, etc. - you are invited to take a short survey about the value of certification of online learning.
The survey seeks to answer the following question:

  • To which degree are certificates, as they are currently issued by various MOOC providers, such as openHPI, Coursera, edX, etc., accepted by HR managers or employers?
  • What would HR managers or employers expect from such a certificate to consider it as a relevant document in a job application?

The Hasso Plattner Institute, an Information Technology university college in Germany, is conducting the survey. The institute has its own respectable offering of MOOCs.
The survey has 9 questions. Do you have a few minutes? Take survey now. More...

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The eLearning Africa Report 2014

The release of the eLearning Africa Report 2014 was announced on May 28 by His Excellency Edward Ssekandi, Vice President of the Republic of Uganda. The report reaffirms the importance of improving ICT in the continent to benefit education. 
The report is a guide to the e-learning initiatives in 55 African countries, including a survey of funding sources and analyses of the agriculture, tourism, and health sectors. It includes contributions from renowned commentators such as Binyavanga Wainaina, Paul Boateng, Bitange Ndemo and Aida Opoku-Mensah. More...

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MOOCs are in high demand, especially for web design, according to new EC study

The European Commission has published a new study on the supply and demand of MOOCs related to web skills. It shows that while MOOCs are widely recognized as a valuable learning opportunity, students struggle to find appropriate courses. 
The study is based on the analysis of over 200 MOOC providers and almost 3000 online survey respondents from around the world. The objective of the study was to investigate the supply and demand of MOOCs related to web skills and better understand the potential of MOOCs to develop the skills needed in the current market. The survey sample includes learners, MOOC providers, entrepreneurs, leaders of innovation support programmes, corporate managers, and IT professionals.
Download MOOCs-for-web-skills-survey-report.pdf and PressReleaseSurveyResultsMOOCsfor. More...

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