06 juin 2014

Universities Australia modelling warns of fee increase under proposed higher education reforms

ABC Home. University students will be forced to pay an average of double the existing fee to study at universities under the Abbott Government's proposed reforms to higher education according to new modelling provided by Universities Australia (UA).
University students will be forced to pay an average of double the existing fee to study at universities under the Abbott Government's proposed reforms to higher education, according to new modelling provided by Universities Australia (UA). More...

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Seeding is believing: McGill launches crowdfunding platform

McGill ReporterBy Megan Elizabeth Martin. Keenly aware of the changing nature of philanthropy, the office of Development and Alumni Relations (DAR) has launched McGill’s first crowdfunding platform, Seeds of Change – the next big thing when it comes to online fundraising.
Crowdfunding works by taking any number of specific initiatives or programs and making their details and intended purpose available and accessible to prospective donors online. People are then free to choose what projects they’d like to support, based on their own interests. More...

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Varkey Group acquires stake to enter UAE higher education

Aiming to enter the fast growing higher education segment in the UAE, leading K-12 Education provider Varkey Group has announced the acquisition of a significant holding in Dubai's International Horizons College (IHC).
The group yesterday announced the acquisition of a stake in AHC GCC Investment, the holding company behind the Business Bay-based institution.
Chairman of the Group Sunny Varkey said his company's goal was to expand the AHC platform to establish similar pathways to reputed universities in the world's most desirable destinations for higher education, namely, US, Canada, UK, Australia and India, ultimately with the objective of having their respective campuses in Dubai. More...

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Seek New Opportunities, Experiences as an International Student

U.S. News CompassBy . Going outside of their comfort zone can help new international students get more than just academic benefits. If you ask most international students why they chose to study abroad, you will get a wide variety of responses. But judging from what I've observed, the top two are for the education benefits and for the experience.
Since I started studying in the U.S., the way that international students quite often do not branch out from people of their own culture or nationality stood out to me. You only have to look around college campuses to see this in action. More...

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Qualität für Hochschulen in Ostafrika

bildungsklick.de - macht Bildung zum ThemaDie größte Herausforderung der Hochschulen in Ostafrika ist die Qualität von Forschung und Lehre. Aus diesem Grund setzt der Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst (DAAD) mit seinen Stipendien und Hochschulkooperationen vor allem darauf, die Hochschullandschaft der Region zu entwickeln. Nun feierte die für Ostafrika zuständige DAAD-Außenstelle in Nairobi Ende Mai ihr 40-jähriges Jubiläum.
Immer mehr junge Menschen in Ostafrika studieren. Alleine in Kenia, wo der DAAD seine Außenstelle für die Region unterhält, sind mittlerweile über 300.000 Studentinnen und Studenten eingeschrieben. Damit wächst auch die Zahl der Hochschulen und Colleges des Landes: 2009 gab es 18 akkreditierte Hochschulen, heute sind es 68. Mehr...

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UK immigration debate continues as new legislation passes into law

http://monitor.icef.com/wp-content/themes/mon_v2/images/logo.pngIn the wake of the United Kingdom’s new Immigration Act 2014, questions remain about how the new legislation will impact international student enrolment and the experiences of international students studying in the UK. Student groups, representatives from the university sector, and policymakers continue to voice serious concerns about the new law. Their reactions come at a time when English universities are reporting the first decline in international student enrolment in nearly 30 years, and reflect a broader policy debate regarding international students and student visa policy in the UK that has continued in recent years. More...

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Saudi students in US universities contribute $3.2b to US economy

The economic impact of the 110,000 Saudi students studying in US universities and colleges is significant, as they contributed $3.2 billion to the US economy during 2013-2014.
These estimates are from Carian College Advisors, an education consultancy specializing in US Admissions guidance, and are based on the latest figures from the US Department of Commerce.
Peter Davos, Managing Director, Carian College Advisors, said: “The number of KSA students studying in the United States has risen dramatically in recent years, positioning the Kingdom as the fastest growing source of foreign students in the US. Saudis now constitute the fourth largest foreign student population in America, having increased from only 4,000 just a decade ago.” More...

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Iran's students to have US online courses

. A major US online university network says restrictions are to be partially lifted on providing online courses for students in Iran. Online university courses have been caught up in US trade sanctions against Iran, Cuba and Sudan, so that students in those countries were blocked from many free courses from US universities. More...

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Major push for education quality, Omanisation

By Kaushalendra Singh. The Ministry of Higher Education is working on twin objectives of quality and Omanisation of MoHE institutions in the Sultanate. To achieve these goals the ministry is in touch with several international universities to get academic support and training so that Omani students get best of the education and achieve suitable positions in the MoHE institutions. This was stated by Dr Abdullah bin Mohammad al Sarmi, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education, during his recent visit to Salalah College of Applied Science (CAS). Exhorting the students to take up their studies seriously, Dr Al Sarmi called upon them to come forward to fill the job gap in the academic sector. More...

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Community colleges shorten their names

By Mary Beth. Small but growing numbers of community colleges are moving to drop the word "community" from their name, inspiring a sometimes passionate parsing of its meaning.
The move comes as more states allow two-year colleges to confer bachelor's degrees, which typically take four years or longer to complete.
Alert drivers in the Seattle area will notice over the next few months that 10 highway signs for three Seattle community colleges are being replaced with signs that say Seattle Colleges. Henry Ford College in Dearborn, Mich., just unveiled its new, shorter-by-a-word logo and marketing campaign. Nearly all of Florida's community colleges have changed their names; several now call themselves state colleges. More...

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