24 mai 2014

The Professor Is In: The 3 Letters of Recommendation You Must Have

By Karen Kelsky - Chronicle Vitae. I am currently a visiting assistant professor at a regional campus of a state university system. Should I still be including a letter of recommendation from my grad-school advisor in applications? I'm three years out of grad school, and my advisor is great—always updates the letter, takes into account new work I've published, etc—but does it look bad (i.e., too "grad student-y") to rely on an advisor’s letter at this point in my career?
Terrific question. It shows that you are thinking strategically about the market.
The short answer is: Yes, three years out of grad school, it’s fine to have your Ph.D. advisor still write for you. I generally feel that a Ph.D. advisor can safely write for you for about five years, and some people have their advisors write for much longer than that. See more...

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