20 mai 2014

Euro-Med mobilities soutenue par l'UpM

Logo Euro-med MobilitiesMonsieur Jean-Luc Prigent, Directeur de cabinet à l'Agence Europe-Education-Formation France, a eu le plaisir de s'entretenir avec le Secrétaire Général de l'UpM, Monsieur Fathallah Sijilmassi et avec la Secrétaire Générale Adjointe, Madame Delphine Borione le jeudi 15 mai 2014 à Bordeaux.
Dans le cadre de cette entrevue, Monsieur Sijilmassi et Madame Borione ont exprimé leur vif intérêt pour le programme européen 2014-2020 Erasmus plus et pour la plateforme Euro-Med mobilities gérés par l'agence, et qui correspondent à l'un des objectifs de l'UpM.
L'UpM compte parmi ses priorités l'enseignement supérieur, la jeunesse et la recherche qu'elle souhaite développer en encourageant les mobilités, la promotion des stages, les efforts en termes d'employabilité et de genre dans les 43 pays membres de son organisation.
Un réel soutien de l'UpM à la plateforme Euro-Med mobilities ressort de cette rencontre. L'Agence poursuit la construction de sa démarche euro-méditerranéenne à travers le développement de la plateforme Euro-Med mobilities. Voir l'article...

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Call for Articles for the Handbook of Higher Education Policy and Governance

Bologna Process - European Higher Education AreaThe editorial team consisting of Jeroen Huisman (Ghent University, Belgium, jeroen.huisman@ugent.be), Harry de Boer (University of Twente, the Netherlands,h.f.deboer@utwente.nl), David Dill (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA,david_dill@unc.edu) and Manuel Souto-Otero (University of Bath, UK, mso21@bath.ac.uk) has proposed Palgrave Macmillan to edit a Handbook of Higher Education Policy and Governance. The publisher has accepted the proposal and now the contributions are being solicited. Thus, the editorial team is inviting interested researcher (either as a single author as with colleagues) to consider to contribute a chapter to this handbook.
Proposals for chapters (one- to maximum two-page outlines) should be sent in by 1 July 2014 to Jeroen Huisman (jeroen.huisman@ugent.be). The proposal should be explicit on the topic, objective, approach and key literature of the chapter to be offered as well as be accompanied by a briefly information about the author (in terms of expertise and/or experience). The editors will discuss the submissions and invite a selection to elaborate on their outline (July 2014). The proposers will also receive feedback from the editors.
Draft chapters should be submitted by November 2014 and will then be reviewed by editors and/or reviewers. In January 2015, contributions should be finalized and in March the finalized manuscripts will be sent off to the publisher. The book will appear in the latter half of 2015.
For the outline of the handbook, please click here. More...

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IIE Generation Study Abroad Announces New Partners and Scholarships

Institute of International EducationLess than two months after the official launch of Generation Study Abroad, the Institute of International Education has announced significant progress in advancing the major goals of the initiative. IIE’s Generation Study Abroad initiative now has over 300 commitment partners—double the number who had signed on by the March 3 launch date. The 150 new partners who have committed to specific, actionable goals to increase the number of U.S. students studying abroad include colleges and universities of all sizes and types across the country, as well as study abroad organizations, foreign governments, and associations. Noteworthy commitments to action in this round include new scholarships and financial assistance to help students pay for study abroad, and new initiatives to reach out to underserved groups and increase the diversity of the student population that goes abroad. IIE has also begun to provide additional resources and services to campuses that have joined as commitment partners, to help them reach their ambitious goals. More...

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The Academic Workload Calculator and Cap Visualiser

By Toby Cotton (La Trobe University)To give staff an intuitive interface to calculate and check their workload allocation for a single subject.
The Academics Workload Calculator and Cap Visualizer (Version 1.7.1) is a computable document (CDF) application. To use it you must download the free CDF player from Wolfram Research at https://www.wolfram.com/cdf-player/  It is free and easy to install and once installed, the application will open when you double click on it. The application allows the user to input all the data required to calculate workload point allocations and provides a breakdown of results (in points and hours) in tabular and graphical form.  It also alerts the user whenever the workload caps have affected their allocation and provides the actual cost to the user in points and hours. More...

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Students have a right to protest against unfair cuts to university funding

By Courtney Sloane (NTEU National Office). The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) is urging universities to not disadvantage students who participate in National Union of Students protests around the country tomorrow.
“The NTEU has encouraged its members not to penalise students that attend these peaceful protests tomorrow, with at least one university encouraging its staff to do the same,” Jeannie Rea National President NTEU said today.
“In addition to undermining Australia’s public higher education sector and threatening the viability of some of our public universities, the changes to university funding and regulation announced as part of last week’s federal budget impose enormous costs on students. More...

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Budget: Road to ruin for public higher education

By Courtney Sloane (NTEU National Office). Tonight’s budget has seen Tony Abbott succeed in his quest to be known as an ‘infrastructure prime minister’.
He and Christopher Pyne have paved a road to ruin for our public higher education system. Student fees will now skyrocket at some universities, university funding has been cut, the cost of servicing student debt will increase and the viability of some of our universities will be undermined by for-profit private providers. More...

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Sustainable student housing from GreenPad

HEFCE logoGreenPad is a project at Staffordshire University to create environmentally sustainable housing stock within the private rental sector, for students to rent through the students' union letting service.
It is one of 25 projects taking place across the country at various student unions. GreenPad is funded by the Students' Green Fund, a joint initiative by the National Union of Students and HEFCE. GreenPad houses will be of high quality and energy-efficient, helping students to reduce their bills as well as their impact on the environment. More...

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HESA funding and monitoring data 2012-13: Funding data reconciliation exercise

HEFCE logo1. This circular letter notifies institutions of the start of the HESA funding and monitoring data 2012-13 funding data reconciliation exercise. This exercise compares the data returned to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) with Higher Education Students Early Statistics (HESES) data submitted to HEFCE. A response may be required.
2. A formal response to this exercise is required only from institutions that are selected due to meeting any of the selection criteria in Annex A. More...

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Universities to contribute to new Science and Innovation Strategy for the UK

HEFCE logoThe four UK higher education funding bodies and Research Councils UK (RCUK) have written to the heads of all UK higher education institutions inviting input into the science and innovation strategy. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) will be gathering a wide range of contributions on the development of a new strategy in May and June. The new strategy is due to be announced in autumn 2014. The funding bodies and RCUK are working in partnership to gather evidence from the higher education sector to inform their contributions to the strategy. More...

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Annual accountability return requirements: Financial forecasts submission

HEFCE logo1. This letter clarifies our requirement for the submission of financial forecasts and commentary as part of our annual accountability returns requirements. A response is required from all higher education institutions by Thursday 31 July 2014. We will send detailed guidance on how to make the submission of annual accountability information directly to heads of finance by the end of May and how to access the financial forecast tables.
2. Institutions are asked to submit full financial forecasts for the three academic years from 2014-15 to 2016-17, and to update the 2013-14 forecasts submitted in December. These should take into consideration our recent grant announcements and any other information that the institution considers pertinent. More...

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