10 mai 2014

Women in STEM campaign aims to bridge gender gap

By . The government has launched a campaign to attract more women into careers in science, technology, engineering and maths. The Your Life campaign, launched by Chancellor George Osborne at the Science Museum on May 7, aims to contribute to the government’s aspiration to double the number of female engineering and technology undergraduates by 2030. More...

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Postgrads sought to help firms succeed overseas

By . Business secretary Vince Cable has announced that companies are to recruit postgraduate students to help them break into overseas markets. The students will work during their vacations to help businesses overcome any language and cultural barriers they may face when exporting. More...

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Grant panels ‘should have equality training’, says report

By . All members of research council grant awarding boards and panels should have training to avoid unconscious bias. This is a “quick win” that will help tackle inequality in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, according to a report from the Campaign for Science and Engineering. More...

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Postdoctoral Parent Series: Plans gone awry…

http://www.universityaffairs.ca/images/BlogTheBlackHole.pngBy David Kent. Today the Black Hole is delighted to launch a short series of posts dedicated to postdoctoral fellows with kids. Two current postdoctoral fellows (Jenn and Erika) who have recently had children whilst pursing science at the very highest levels have kindly agreed to share their experiences. We are really excited to be able to provide them a forum that will hopefully stimulate some changes in how we can do a better job of supporting the offspring of our best and brightest. We begin with introductions to Jenn and Erika and will continue over the coming weeks with their thoughts on what can be done. More...

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Transition Q & A: Daniel Mullin

http://www.universityaffairs.ca/images/Blog-phd-to-life.jpgBy Jennifer Polk - From PhD to Life. What did you hope for in terms of employment as you completed your PhD?
As I was working on my PhD, I still had hopes of becoming a tenured professor. I did quite a bit of adjunct teaching during my PhD and thought that if I was lucky, and got my foot in the door, I would get a tenure track job eventually. Of course, that didn’t happen. Instead, I learned that most adjuncts never make it to the tenure track and they work for very little money. Once I realized that the odds of landing a tenure track job were low, and that adjunct teaching couldn’t support me financially, I started to think seriously about non-academic employment. I actually started blogging on this subject before I officially finished my PhD. By the time I had the degree in hand, I was well on my way down another career path. Ironically, I haven’t taught since I earned my PhD. More...

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Figuring out your transferrable skills helps to envision yourself in another job

http://www.universityaffairs.ca/images/BlogCareersCafe.jpgBy . Working with extremely competent, intelligent clients has shown me that, no matter how competent and intelligent a person is, it takes a real leap of faith for them to imagine themselves in a career path other than the one they’re currently in. We hear about the importance of storytelling – from marketing, to job seeking, conflict resolution, user experience and who knows what else. The value in storytelling lies in the fact that we all tell stories already to make sense of our lives. For all that, it’s easier for us to imagine some stories than others. More...

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Universities should maximize their role as city-builders

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQWMTBx0CPzMFK637Zb6AgNbjhxfVRtTVkrwKoq4ZPL2p18KKWOEwB3AWIBy Jean-Paul Addie and Roger Keil. The city-university link is critical to the restructuring of higher education institutions. Universities and cities are often perceived to be in a close family relationship but, as in all good families, that can be complicated. In the past, these relations were captured in the benign-sounding term “town and gown.” In recent years, though, the connections of cities and universities have started to shift as higher education’s orientation towards global markets has left its imprint on Canada’s university system. More...

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Spring-summer courses are in big demand at Brock

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQWMTBx0CPzMFK637Zb6AgNbjhxfVRtTVkrwKoq4ZPL2p18KKWOEwB3AWIBy Rosanna Tamburri. Course format is ideal for part-time mature students. Spring and summer are generally quiet times on university campuses – but not at Brock University. The university, located in southern Ontario’s Niagara Region, is quickly expanding course offerings in its spring-summer term to meet the strong demand from students like Renata Di Cienzo. More...

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All grads are needed

HomeGwyn Morgan’s op-ed on Wednesday (Public investment in skills training pays big returns) is calling for something that is already happening: growth in the number of people pursuing skilled trades in Canada. Between 2000 and 2011, enrolment in apprenticeships more than doubled – more than twice the growth of university enrolment. Regrettably, according to Statistics Canada, completion rates for apprentices hover around 50 per cent. At the same time, university enrolment in Canada fell to 15th in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. More...

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Universités à la Une - 7 mai 2014

Trois chercheurs du Laboratoire d’astrophysique de Bordeaux (LAB) ont participé à la découverte de la première exoplanète de la taille de la Terre en zone habitable d'une étoile - Université de Bordeaux : lire l'article

L'Université de Technologie de Troyes (UTT), a contribué à Venteea, projet d'envergure nationale financé par l'ADEME, concernant les réseaux électriques intelligents (smart grids) : lire l'article

Benoît Bertrand, un jeune chercheur de l’Institut de Chimie Moléculaire de l’Université de Bourgogne, a découvert que la caféine associée à de l’or permettrait de mieux supporter les traitements anti-cancéreux : lire l'article

Entreprenariat étudiants : 7 étudiants de licence professionnelle PMOE dispensée à l'IUT de Valenciennesont monté une mini entreprise en créant un stylo pas comme les autres - Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut Cambrésis (UVHC) : lire l'article

Ateliers Croisés Danse & Ecriture : projet mené par l’"Association Anacrouse et la Compagnie Les Jours Dansants" et financé par le Fond de solidarité et de développement des initiatives étudiantes (FSDIE) de l’Université Paris 8 : lire l'article. Suite de l'article...

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