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The European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) aims to give people greater control over their individual learning experiences and make it more attractive to move between different countries and different learning environments. The development of ECVET began in 2002 after the Copenhagen Process emphasised the need for a credit transfer system for VET. National governments and the European Parliament gave their final approval to legislation in June 2009. The ECVET Recommendation in English. For other languages, follow this link
Learning Outcomes (LO)
Two CEDEFOP studies to better understand the LOs construction and their association in Units :

ECVET Leaflet
Excellent tool to communicate how ECVET works and for which puroposes it was aimed (download)
ECVET Corporate identity
Download the best way to use the ECVET logo and its colors in your various communication supports (working documents, prints and web pages...).
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