29 avril 2014

More UK students consider study abroad, but US numbers drop

http://enews.ksu.edu.sa/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/UWN.jpgBy David Jobbins. The number of British students considering study overseas has increased by 17% in a year to more than one in three, a report by Education Intelligence, the British Council's higher education research division, has found. A survey of 2,630 UK students found that 37% were considering overseas study, compared with 20% in March 2013. Read more...

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The Disgraceful State of Higher Education in Ethiopia: How TPLF/EPRDF Killed Higher Learning

IndepthAfricaBy Alem Mamo. TPLF/EPRDF’s major bragging source over the last number of years has been its ‘achievements’ in the education sector, particularly in university education. The ruling group constantly brandishes its statics about the ‘expansion’ of higher learning in Ethiopia. What is not included in the fraudulent statistics is the obliteration of quality and depth of teaching and learning in these so-called ‘universities.’  As we have seen in most of the TPLF/EPRDF failed and corrupt policies the establishment of these so called ‘universities’ is nothing more than a construction contract to its own business conglomerates and university administration appointment to its loyal cadres. More...

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Universities losing race against Asia

By Nicholas Jones. Study of rankings looks at why institutions in NZ and Australia are being overtaken. Hundreds of millions of dollars being pumped into Asian universities are one reason Australasian institutions have dropped in international rankings, a new analysis says.
A number of different international university rankings are published annually, with reaction focused on how New Zealand institutions have fared compared with the previous year. More...

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University management a man’s world, survey reveals

By Catherine Shanahan. Less than one in five senior management posts in Irish public universities are held by women because they lack ambition and political skills, and their lifestyles are “unhelpful”, a study has found.
University of Limerick sociology professor Pat O’Connor surveyed 34 senior managers in Irish universities and found that the majority of them believe women are the source of this “problem” and the focus must be on “fixing the women”.
This was the view shared by both men and women who took part in the survey, the findings of which are contained in Prof O’Connor’s latest book, Management and Gender in Irish Education. More...

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Why universities are under attack by hackers

By . Reports of university data breaches are becoming almost commonplace. Last month the University of Maryland reported its system had been hacked for the second time in four weeks.
Indiana University’s server was breached in February, potentially exposing personal information of 146,000 students and recent graduates. 
And earlier this month a systems breach at North Dakota State University compromised the personal information of more than 200,000 students, faculty and staff – but the hackers never took any of it. These attacks are likely just the beginning. More...

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University officials support loans for undocumented students

. Administrators from California’s two public university systems called Wednesday for the state to provide student loans to some immigrants in the country illegally to cover expenses not met with state scholarships.
UC President Janet Napolitano and Sacramento State President Alexander Gonzalez said their  university systems are backing legislation creating the loan program, which will cost the state and campuses up to $9.1 million the first year.
Napolitano noted that the state previously granted students in the country illegally access to state scholarships and the in-state residence rate.
However, those students are not eligible for federal student loans so there is a gap in their financial aid of up to $6,000 annually for those attending the University of California campuses and $3,000 for students at California State University schools. More...

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Critical scholarship in a hostile climate: Academics and the public

http://enews.ksu.edu.sa/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/UWN.jpgBy Steve Tombs and David Whyte, The Conversation. Corporations are involved in every area of our lives. In our education, health, welfare and criminal justice systems, they are ever-present. So obvious is this 'fact' of life that it is often only in moments of crisis – such as the recent Hazelwood coal mine fire for the residents of Morwell in Australia – that we bother to question the consequences of corporate activity. Read more...

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Women in academia – Different views of success

http://enews.ksu.edu.sa/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/UWN.jpgBy Shima Barakat. The last 12 years has seen a plethora of writings on the experiences of women academics, describing how the challenges and barriers they face differ from their male counterparts. However, even earlier Nadya Aisenberg and Mona Harrington wrote in the 1988 study Women of Academe: Outsiders in the sacred grove about the difficulties women were overcoming to access the 'sacred grove' (academia) in the United States. Read more...

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Internationalisation – A student-centred approach is key

http://enews.ksu.edu.sa/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/UWN.jpgBy Vangelis Tsiligiris. Internationalisation of higher education has gained public attention as one result of the increased cross-border activity of universities across the world. This activity includes, mostly, what Jane Knight defines as 'internationalisation abroad', which takes the form of the movement of programmes, people and institutions across national borders. Read more...

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French lecturers' conference supports Francophony

http://enews.ksu.edu.sa/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/UWN.jpgBy Tunde Fatunde. The Nigerian state has invested heavily in French language studies in higher education since the country's independence 64 years ago. The various strands of Francophone studies that have subsequently developed were investigated at the recent 16th Annual Conference of the University French Teachers' Association of Nigeria, or UFTAN. Read more...

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