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By Tristan Reilly, ANFA / ECVET TEAM. The ECVET team’s new website and its future assessment: the floor is yours.
The ECVET Team’s new website was presented at the 2013 ECVET Forum in Prague and launched in September. The prime objective in refreshing the website was to make it more user-friendly and simpler, with the same high quality standards for information, resources and registration to ECVET events.
The main aims of the first version of the website were to create a network, a way to register for events and promote ECVET activities. To make it more user- oriented, the website is now focusing more on the use of ECVET. This will help beginners to better understand and explain the concept to their organisation, and allows people more familiar to ECVET to improve their knowledge. It also allows easier access to many more documents. The English version has been available since the launch of the website. The online French and German versions are expected soon.
The decision to connect the new website to the ECVET communities of practice website (launched at the 2013 ECVET Prague Forum) provides faster and easier access to the platform. This allows all ECVET users to exchange information on the following topics: ECVET for mobility; ECVET for lifelong learning; ECVET case studies and learning outcomes. A decision was also made to connect the ECVET Team website to the NetECVET website. This will help to ensure that the ECVET Team website becomes the starting point for an ECVET journey. See more in ECVET Magazine No 18 (March 2014)...