25 avril 2014

Many universities are basing hiring decisions on unfair criteria

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQWMTBx0CPzMFK637Zb6AgNbjhxfVRtTVkrwKoq4ZPL2p18KKWOEwB3AWIBy Ryan J. Mailloux. Publish in Nature or perish.
Postdoctoral work involves mentorship, specifically between the junior academic (the postdoctoral fellow) and a senior scientist at an academic institution. Typically this type of mentorship allows junior academics to refine their skills as they prepare for the rigours of academic life and apply for academic positions. More...

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Gaffield’s departure raises concerns about SSHRC’s direction

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQWMTBx0CPzMFK637Zb6AgNbjhxfVRtTVkrwKoq4ZPL2p18KKWOEwB3AWIBy Natalie Samson. His tenure as president spanned a time of change for the granting council.
Throughout his presidency at the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Chad Gaffield has engaged in his fair share of strategizing. It may come as a surprise then that where his professional life is concerned, he isn’t much of a planner. “I end up following the bouncing ball a bit,” said Dr. Gaffield from SSHRC’s 11th-floor office in downtown Ottawa. “Opportunities come up and they make sense and I say, ‘OK.’” More...

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Data check: Growth in contingent faculty dwarfs full-time hiring at American universities

The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) recently released a report on The Employment Status of Instructional Staff Members in Higher Education.
The report reveals that the growth in contingent faculty is much greater than the growth in tenured faculty, a story all-too-familiar to Canadian professors and academic librarians.
Between 1989 and 2011, the total number of faculty grew by 81 per cent, but the growth was mostly in the ranks of the continently employed.
There were more than twice as many non-tenured full-time faculty and more than two and a half times the number of part-time faculty by 2011. See more...

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Exploring the Role of Credentials Versus Degrees

http://www.usnews.com/dbimages/master/41646/footer-compass.pngBy Devon Haynie. Will digital badges and certificates replace traditional degrees?
Completing a traditional degree isn’t the only pathway into the STEM workforce. Increasingly, workers have various ways of proving their skills to employers, including through earning certificates, digital badges, Massive Open Online Courses and a range of other options. Read more...

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International students pay off

HyperlinkHomeWhen thirty percent of all international students would find a job in their host country, they would soon become a net contributor to the economy, research by the ‘German Academic Exchange Service shows. However, differences exist between countries, in Germany it will take 5 years, in Switzerland 17.
Countries benefit significantly from value creation resulting from student mobility. However, international students do not pay off immediately, it depends on the study costs, the place of study and the percentage of students that stay after their study and find a job. Yet, the country’s economy benefits directly from an increased consumer spending, researchers from the German Academic Exchange Service and Prognos concluded in the report “The Financial Impact of Cross-Border Student Mobility on the Economy of the Host Country”. Besides Germany, the researchers studied the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland and Spain. More...

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The government should allow UK student loans to be used internationally

The Guardian homeBy Vincenzo Raimo. Unless student loans are made available for study overseas, studying a whole degree abroad will be limited to the very well-off or super bright. Study abroad is the thing of the moment: last year, we had the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) Industrial strategy for international education talking about the government's "ambition to increase the number of UK students gaining valuable experience through overseas mobility placements". More...

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New interest in humanities

By . Even good students in Class X, who are eligible for science or commerce, are not shying from humanities and social sciences at the senior secondary level. This is not just because of the plentiful and interesting career opportunities they bring to you but also because, everywhere, the liberal arts seem to be finally getting their due importance. Two private universities recently came up exclusively for liberal arts. In 2007 Delhi got its own in the form of Ambedkar University.
Rise in interest for humanities is evident from the fact that schools which didn't have these subjects have now started offering them and others have increased their intake. There was no humanities stream at Amity International School in Saket and Noida three years ago. The Indian School, which has over 25 students in the humanities section, had just three students in 2007-08. More...

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TOEIC, TOEFL axed as route to U.K. visa

The Japan TimesBy Mami Maruko. Two of the most popular English-language proficiency tests in Japan can no longer be used to obtain student visas to Britain after a British TV program exposed fraud in the test-taking process.
The visa ban applies to the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) and the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), said Educational Testing Service, the U.S.-based company that runs the tests, last week. More...

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PACA - Lancement de l'appel d'offres dédié aux formations relevant de la "Transition Energétique"

FAFIEC OPCA – Organisme paritaire collecteur agréé de l’ingénierie, de l’informatique, des études, du conseil, des foires et salons et des traductionsLa transition énergétique est un enjeu majeur pour l’environnement, l’emploi et la justice sociale dans la région PACA.
Alors qu’une loi sera proposée au Parlement cette année, la région Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur prend déjà toute sa part dans l’accompagnement de la transition énergétique, à travers ses politiques de développement économique, de formation professionnelle et d’apprentissage, de trains régionaux, de soutien aux filières du bâtiment durable et des énergies renouvelables…

Plusieurs schémas adoptés par les élus régionaux attestent de cette volonté forte :

  • le schéma régional de Climat – Air – Energie (SRCAE) adopté en juillet 2013 ; qui conjointement avec l’Etat, met en place des mesures pour diviser par quatre les émissions de gaz à effet de serre ;
  • les orientations du Schéma Régional de Développement Economique d’innovation et d’internationalisation, adoptées en octobre 2013 par la Région, retiennent bien, dans la stratégie régionale de l’innovation, la transition énergétique comme domaine d’activité stratégique pour le développement économique de notre Région.

En complément la Région s’est engagée, à la suite de la Grande Conférence Sociale de juin 2013, dans la mise en oeuvre du plan 100 000 formations prioritaires pour l’emploi.

  • Il s’agit concrètement de financer des formations dans des secteurs porteurs de développement économique et d’emploi, à destination des demandeurs d’emploi.

Après un avis positif émis par le Comité de Coordination Régional de l’Emploi et de la formation professionnelle (CCREFP) réuni le 14 avril, le lancement d’un appel d’offres dédié aux formations relevant de la transition énergétique sera soumis au vote des élus régionaux, réunis en Assemblée Plénière, le 25 avril prochain.
Annick Delhaye, Vice-Présidente du conseil régional déléguée au développement soutenable, et Pascale Gérard, Vice-Présidente du Conseil régional déléguée à la formation professionnelle et à l’apprentissage, sont heureuses de vous inviter à une demi-journée de lancement de cet appel d’offres le :

  • Mardi 06 mai 2014, a partir de 9h30 dans l’hémicycle du Conseil régional (un accueil café sera mis en place dès 9h).

Dans un souci de bonne organisation, nous vous prions de bien vouloir confirmer votre présence auprès de Madame Henriette NAKACHE, d’ici le 30 avril prochain.

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AS-level exams 'devalued' in university admissions shake-up

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSoQTWRsBvjCbs_LMFsFghL7rCYnNTmB1LkWqkyra9lZrNRU1SQGVddb74By . UCAS proposes to cut the number of tariff points for AS-levels in a reform of the admissions system, prompting claims that more schools will drop the qualification.
Teenagers could find it harder to get into university after it emerged that AS-level exams would be downgraded as part of the higher education admissions process.
A new points system drawn up by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) proposes cutting the value of the AS exam sat in the first 12 months of the sixth-form. More...

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