25 avril 2014

WordPress on campus

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSUa0Fk_7FQscWtrZHpz8OJg_QGcHVj2y63B7yEHt5K8aA7JDrjTD2O-wBy Avi Asher-Schapiro. WordPress has allowed John Carroll University to expand its web presence and empower individual staff members to customize their own pages.
Back in 2010, John Carroll University did not have a content management system (CMS) to centrally update and maintain its web presence. “It was a mess and we needed help,” says Mike Richwalsky, the university’s senior director of creative services and e-marketing. Richwalsky was tasked with finding and implementing a CMS that could be used across campus by faculty and staff of different technical skill-levels. In the end, he chose WordPress, a free and user-friendly open source CMS. More...

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Study questions SAT’s admissions value

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSUa0Fk_7FQscWtrZHpz8OJg_QGcHVj2y63B7yEHt5K8aA7JDrjTD2O-wBy Tim Goral. Students who submit standardized test scores don't show higher success rates. There is no significant difference in the success rates of students who submit standardized test scores to colleges and those who don’t. That’s the summary of a NACAC report, “Defining Promise: Optional Standardized Testing Policies in American College and University Admissions," which looked at nearly 123,000 students at 33 public and private institutions of all sizes. More...

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Cable to call on Ucas to include higher apprenticeships

Times Higher EducationBy . Business secretary Vince Cable has asked Ucas to look at whether high-level apprenticeships can be integrated into its admissions services.
Mr Cable, who is delivering the Cambridge Public Policy Lecture later today, will say that this will help higher apprenticeships be seen as a viable alternative to university study. Read more...

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Male university workers win equal pay claim

Times Higher EducationBy . Eighteen men have won an equal pay award against a Welsh university after claiming they had been paid less than their female colleagues.
The University of Wales Trinity Saint David has admitted that their claim has “due merit” and is reportedly to pay out £500,000 to the caretakers and tradesmen. Read more...

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Part-time student fall ‘mainly due to non-degree courses’

Times Higher EducationBy . Hefce analysis shows degree study not so badly affected.
The collapse in part-time undergraduate study since 2008-9 does not show that people are turning away from taking degrees part-time, a new Higher Education Funding Council for England analysis shows. Between 2008-9 and 2012-13 part-time undergraduate entrants fell by nearly 50 per cent to 157,700. Read more...

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China university deals announced

Times Higher EducationBy . Uclan and Bangor partnerships confirmed during Willetts visit.
Two UK universities have struck deals to offer joint programmes with Chinese institutions as part of a visit to the country by the universities and science minister. David Willetts was in China with health secretary Jeremy Hunt this week for a two-day visit to promote UK higher education and science. Read more...

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High fees leading to more Brit students going abroad

Times Higher EducationBy . Higher tuition fees in the UK are one reason why an increasing number of British youngsters are considering studying abroad, according to a survey by the British Council. Thirty seven per cent of respondents said they were considering study overseas, a 17 percentage point increase on the proportion in a similar poll last year. Of those that were interesting in studying abroad, the vast majority were looking to take university-related courses, with the US the most popular destination. Australia, France, Germany, Canada and Spain respectively were the next most preferred countries. Read more...

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Publishing pressures taking away the joys of science

http://www.universityaffairs.ca/images/BlogTheBlackHole.pngBy  - The Black Hole. Earlier this year, the Cambridge University graduate school of life sciences GRAduate Student and Postdoc forum (GRASP) ran a panel discussion on the current “Publishing Culture.” During the discussion, Professor Peter Lawrence, who has previously written on the subject, told a room full of young scientists that the publishing culture in science “has changed enormously.” The first 80 papers he submitted to journals were accepted where they were sent. That just does not happen anymore. More...

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The only 3 skills graduate students need to learn

http://www.universityaffairs.ca/images/BlogCareersCafe.jpgBy . This is a guest post by Isaiah Hankel, author and consultant at Cheeky Scientist.
Hard skills are dying. Think of how many hard skills have been outsourced or replaced by computer apps over the last 10 years – thousands. Remember when large companies used to hire people to write expense reports and to organize rolodexes? Me neither. On a long enough timeline all hard skills will be replaced. There are three skills that will never be replaced though: oral communication, initiative and mental choice. More...

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Contract faculty and the union

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQWMTBx0CPzMFK637Zb6AgNbjhxfVRtTVkrwKoq4ZPL2p18KKWOEwB3AWIBy Kane X. Faucher. Working with your faculty association can reap rewards.
Most universities have a certified bargaining unit for faculty that may include contract faculty. When a university’s faculty association doesn’t represent part-timers, there usually is a separate bargaining unit that does. For those institutions where contract faculty have no union representation, the road to certification can take a very long time, and it involves mobilizing other contract faculty. More...

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