The 1st Validation of Prior Learning VPL Biennale was held at Inholland University, Rotterdam, from 9 to 11 April 2014. More than 200 participants from European countries, the Republic of Korea and Canada attended the conference.
The aim of the event was to share how governments, employers, trade unions, social and volunteering organisations, schools, universities and other institutions are linking VPL to qualifications, further education and training, employability and personal development.
In her keynote speech, Madhu Singh, Senior Programme Specialist at UIL, highlighted the potential of the UNESCO Guidelines for the Recognition, Validation and Accreditation of the Outcomes of Non-formal and Informal Learning for empowerment and participation in the learning society, and examined how countries were making progress in relation to the six action areas and six core principles as stated in the UNESCO Guidelines.
UIL has previously collaborated with Inholland University on the publication of Linking Recognition Practices and National Qualifications Frameworks in 2013.
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