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Monday 5th May, 1-2pm
Fostering Interaction in online education: Where did the teacher go?

The field of educational technology has a longstanding interest in the concept of interaction and interactivity. With every emerging technology comes the promise of new forms of interaction and novel ways of engaging students in the learning process. The attention researchers, teachers and developers of educational technology have given to interaction is well founded. The educational theories and the teaching and learning frameworks used to guide research and practice in the area of educational technology and online learning have consistently emphasised learning as a social process that involves interaction among people, and between people and artifacts. However, in this presentation I will argue that educators and technologists have not done a particularly good job in using technology in systemic ways to enhance and support teaching and learning interactions. One result of this, I will argue, is that we risk sidestepping teachers and the valuable process of teaching when we “go online”.

Professor Gregor Kennedy
Director of eLearning
Centre for the Study of Higher Education