10 avril 2014

Utah higher education selected for multi-state collaboration

Deseret NewsBy . The Utah System of Higher Education was selected Monday to join 12 other higher education systems nationwide in exploring solutions for at-risk student populations.
The multi-state collaboration, organized by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, includes a $200,000 grant as state education officials work to increase access to and outcomes from Utah's colleges and universities. More...

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Diversity Abroad Seeks to Boost Minority Participation in International Study

DiverseBy Jamal E. Mazyck. While it has not been a primary topic of conversation in higher education circles in recent years, the dearth of minorities included in programs to study abroad has not gone undocumented. Now, experts are trying to figure out how to improve the situation.
According to the Institute of International Education (IIE), of all U.S. students that participate in study abroad programs, 76.4% are White as of 2012, compared to Asian American/Native American and Pacific Islander at 7.7%, Hispanic/Latino at 7.6% and African-American participants at 5.3%. More...

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Universities are warned not to depend on overseas fees

http://www.heraldscotland.com/sites/all/themes/heraldscotland/images/hs-logo.pngBy Andrew Denholm. UNIVERSITY chiefs have been urged not to become too reliant on the fees paid by overseas students who come to Scotland to study.
The warning, from one of the country's most prestigious academic bodies, follows the emergence of high quality online courses, particularly for postgraduate students. Read more...

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Council for Higher Education rejects English LL.B. degree in Israel

The Jerusalem PostBy Lidar Gravé-Lazi. College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan denied request to teach program in English. The Council for Higher Education plenum on Tuesday rejected a curriculum for an undergraduate degree in law (LL.B.) in a foreign language.
The decision followed a request by the College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan for approval to host an English-language LL.B. program that would entail conversion of the existing equivalent Hebrew-language law degree program.
The general plenum said the CHE was convinced that in undergraduate degree law studies the Hebrew language plays a central function, and there is significant difficulty in accurately translating legal concepts to English. Furthermore, in Israel nearly all legal materials are in Hebrew and the legal system is conducted exclusively in the Hebrew language, the CHE said. More...

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Australia’s New Colombo Plan launches in Japan

By Beckie Smith. On a trade mission to Asia this week, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott rolled out the government’s outbound mobility programme, the New Colombo Plan (NCP), to Japan as part of the programme’s four nation trial scheme. More...

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‘Entry-level’ jobs are getting harder to find

By Josh Dehaas. New grads face demands for up to five years experience to enter the labour market. How a lack of on-the-job training is hurting young workers. For students like Isabelle Duchaine, in the final stretch of their post-secondary educations, this is a difficult time of the year. “When you’re down to the last few weeks of school plus exams, you’re not just looking for a job,” says the Queen’s University history and political studies major, “you’re looking for a place to live for the next year, a new city, thinking about all the relationships you’re leaving behind and reflecting on where you’re going next. Every once in a while I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness, it’s all over, I’m going to move back into my parents’ basement in Brighton, Ont.’”
For Duchaine, the move home may not last long, as she’s already got a couple of offers for graduate school. Read more...

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Double degree programs vital for recognition of Belarusian higher education abroad

The development of international cooperation of Belarusian universities with foreign partners creates conditions for the implementation of joint educational programs and more widespread education in English. The statement was made by Education Minister of Belarus Sergei Maskevich who is taking part in the plenary session of the first international educational forum European Quality Education (EQE Forum) which is underway in Minsk, BelTA has learned.
According to the Minister, thanks to the implementation of double degree programs jointly with foreign universities it is possible to address the issue of better convertibility of Belarusian higher education diplomas, their recognition at the international level, the inclusion of domestic universities in international ratings and other educational projects and the improvement of competitiveness of the domestic higher education industry. Belarus has a 17-year experience of the implementation of joint educational projects and programs with many universities across the globe.

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Failure to attract international students at the root of third level crisis, says report

By Joe Humphreys. Colleges should consider outsourcing functions unrelated to ‘brand characteristics’. What’s billed as the first “independent review of the financial health of third-level institutions” makes grim reading for college management, staff and students. It is no secret that higher education is facing a funding crisis but the Grant Thornton study shows key indicators are moving in the wrong direction. Two related problems stand out: the way in which Irish universities have slipped down global rankings and the failure of the same institutions to attract a higher number of international students. More...

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University of Ottawa declared a Fair Trade Campus

By Don Butler. University of Ottawa students and staff who buy coffee at university-run food outlets can “sleep a little better tonight,” according to Jonathan Rausseo, the campus sustainability manager — and not because it’s decaffeinated. The university became the seventh in Canada Tuesday to achieve Fair Trade Campus designation. Fairtrade Canada awards the designation to institutions that demonstrate “outstanding commitments” to increasing the availability and awareness of fair trade products. To receive the designation, the university has to offer only fair trade coffee in the 15 or 16 food outlets it operates on campus. It also must offer three fair trade teas at each location and, if chocolate bars are sold, at least one must be fair trade. More...

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Loyalty lightens financial burden

Aeroplan has made going back to school a little easier for Stephenie Dykeman.
A working mother with a five-yearold son and two-year-old twins, Dykeman is upgrading her academic qualifications to become a social worker.
"It's a struggle to work and go to school when you have three children to look after," she says. More...

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