10 avril 2014

‘Entry-level’ jobs are getting harder to find

By Josh Dehaas. New grads face demands for up to five years experience to enter the labour market. How a lack of on-the-job training is hurting young workers. For students like Isabelle Duchaine, in the final stretch of their post-secondary educations, this is a difficult time of the year. “When you’re down to the last few weeks of school plus exams, you’re not just looking for a job,” says the Queen’s University history and political studies major, “you’re looking for a place to live for the next year, a new city, thinking about all the relationships you’re leaving behind and reflecting on where you’re going next. Every once in a while I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness, it’s all over, I’m going to move back into my parents’ basement in Brighton, Ont.’”
For Duchaine, the move home may not last long, as she’s already got a couple of offers for graduate school. Read more...
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