This special issue of the eLearning Papers is based on the contributions made to the EMOOCS 2014 conference jointly organized by the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and P.A.U. Education. Download Print Version.
Offering cMOOCs Collaboratively: The COER13 Experience from the Convenors’ Perspective
By Patricia Arnold, Swapna Kumar, Anne Thillosen, Martin Ebner. This paper shares the experience of offering the community-oriented MOOC called “COER13.” The focus is on how the convenors perceived the collaborative endeavor of planning and implementing this cMOOC, and on the lessons learnt in the process.
COER13, the “Online Course on Open Educational Resources (OER)”, aimed at increasing awareness of open educational resources. It was offered in Spring/Summer 2013 in a joint venture by eight e-learning experts from Austria and Germany with affiliations to five different institutions. More...