22 mars 2014

Really? You Talked About Security?

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/blog_landing/public/law.jpg?itok=7sode5LvBy Tracy Mitrano. Awash with insightful criticism about his call to President Obama regarding privacy, Mark Zuckerberg has had his communications people release a statement that the conversation was about security not privacy.  Does this etymological shell game impress you?
Back to basics, Mr. Zuckerberg. “Security” in this context is a subset of privacy, or the fair information practices that have long stood the test of time for foundational information management. Read more...

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Back in the ICPL Saddle!

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/blog_landing/public/law.jpg?itok=7sode5LvBy Tracy Mitrano. Internet Culture, Policy and Law, formerly known as the Institute for Computer Policy and Law, and in its 18th consecutive year is up and running for 2014. The conference runs from noon on September 17th, all day on the 18th, and until noon on the 19th. ICPL features outstanding speakers and topics this year. Hal Abelson, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a principal in the MIT Report on the Aaron Schwartz case will open the program with a talk on that topic. Read more...

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Kennesaw Agrees to Restore Art Installation

HomeKennesaw State University has agreed to restore an art installation that officials ordered removed from its art museum last month. The work dealt with the the homestead of Corra Harris (1869-1935), an author who gained unusual prominence in her era for a female writer -- and whose career took off when she penned a piece widely viewed as a apology for lynching, full of racist stereotypes. Read more...

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Sallie Mae Says Its Loan Servicing Outperforms National Average

HomeSallie Mae, under scrutiny from consumer advocates and several lawmakers for how it manages payments for federal student loan borrowers, released new data Tuesday touting the performance of those loans. Read more...

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Facebook Most Popular Social Media Tool in Advancement

HomeFacebook is the most used social media platform by school, college and university advancement officials, according to the latest version of an annual survey by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, mStoner and Huron Education. Of respondents, 95 percent reported using Facebook, followed by Twitter (82 percent), LinkedIn (76 percent) and YouTube (68 percent). Read more...

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Deeper Completion Data, State by State

HomeThe National Student Clearinghouse Research Center today released state-by-state data on the various pathways students take on their way to earning degrees and certificates. The data builds on a national report from 2012 that showed a more optimistic picture of college completion than other studies had found previously. Read more...

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Transfer Degrees Catch on in California

HomeCalifornia's community colleges and campuses in the California State University System both have made progress in encouraging the use of a two-year degree aimed at transfer, according to a new report from the Public Policy Institute of California. About half the state's community colleges now offer 10 or more versions of the transfer degree, the report found. And Cal State campuses have made "significant progress" in increasing the number of transfer degrees they accept in similar majors. Read more...

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Publication of Iran General License G

http://www.treasury.gov/Style%20Library/images/treas/t-logo.gifToday, the Office of Foreign Assets Control issued  Iran General License G authorizing accredited U.S. academic institutions to establish and operate undergraduate and graduate academic exchange agreements with Iranian universities, including the provision of scholarships to participating Iranian students. It also authorizes the export to Iran of certain additional educational services by U.S. academic institutions, including the provision of certain on-line courses, and by U.S. persons for certain academic study or non-for-profit educational activities in Iran, or the administration of university entrance and other examinations for Iranian students.

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Building Walls to the Middle Class

HomeBy Steve Gunderson. Last week, for the first time in the gainful employment regulatory process, the U.S. Department of Education revealed its true motivation and bias against private-sector education and the students who attend our institutions. While defending a regulation that limits access to higher education and obstructs a pathway to the middle class for new traditional students, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Deputy Director of the Domestic Policy Council James Kvaal hid behind the assertion that the gainful employment policy is designed to grow the middle class and protect students. Read more...

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A First Step

HomeBy Representative Mark Takano. After months of deliberation, the Obama administration issued a proposed gainful employment regulation in an effort to protect students from programs at for-profit colleges that leave them with unmanageable debt and worthless degrees. The proposed rule includes provisions requiring career education programs to meet certain standards related to the debt-to-earnings ratio and default rate of graduates. While I would have liked to see a stronger rule – one that includes, for example, loan repayment rates as a metric and a new program approval process – it is a step forward. Read more...

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