Since 1994, the headcount enrolments at the country’s universities have approximately doubled to almost one million students.
“University enrolment has almost doubled in size, increasing from 495 356 in 1994 in universities, including technikons and teacher training colleges- to 938 201 in 2011 in public universities and universities of technology,” says the 20 Year Review, realeased on Tuesday by President Jacob Zuma, which illustrates what has been achieved in the country over the past twenty years.
President Zuma said the Twenty Year Review was packed with facts and figures to support its analysis, and where the facts indicate that the country has made progress, the Review says so, and where they indicate that "we have challenges and have made mistakes, we also say so."
By 2011, women made up 54% of all students enrolled in contact university programmes, according to the Review. More...