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4 mars 2014

UW's MOOC On Public Speaking Proving To Be Massively Popular . University of Washington professor Matt McGarrity teaches a wildly-popular MOOC, or a free massive open online course open to virtual students everywhere.
McGarrity’s course on public speaking is one of more than a dozen MOOCs offered by UW. The communications professor likens the MOOC approach to a yoga class that might air at 6 in the morning on TV.
“They’ve got people doing stretches. They don’t know if someone on the other side of the screen is doing downward dog in their living room. But the information is there, and they can participate as they see fit and as their health dictates. That’s what I see my class as,” he said.
One thing is certain: McGarrity’s MOOC attracts way more students than an early-morning exercise class. On average, more than 100,000 people from India to the U.S. and everywhere in between sign up to learn how to be more effective communicators. More...

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