02 mars 2014

Sallie Mae Splits In Two, Names New Loan Servicing Unit 'Navient'


Sallie Mae’s loan servicing operations will soon be housed in a separate business entity called Navient, the company announced Tuesday. As it first disclosed last year, Sallie Mae--formally known as SLM Corp.-- is in the process of splitting up into two distinct companies: Navient and Sallie Mae. Read more...

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Study on Minority Men at Community Colleges

HomeMen of color attending community colleges are less likely to obtain an associate degree than are white males, despite being the most engaged in and out of the classroom, a new report finds. In "Aspirations to Achievement: Men of Color and Community Colleges," the Center for Community College Student Engagement reveals that even though black and Latino students at two-year institutions show more interest than their white peers in obtaining an associate degree or certificate, only 5 percent actually accomplish that goal within three years, compared to 32 percent for white students. Read more...

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Credit Card Marketing Geared at Students Is Down

HomeEver since a 2009 law restricted the ability of credit card companies to push their wares on college students, the companies have substantially reined in their marketing to students -- but are targeting alumni instead, the Government Accountability Office said in a report released Tuesday. Read more...

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Agreement on Accreditation System for Graduate Medical Education

HomeThe associations that represent allopathic and osteopathic medical schools announced Wednesday that they had agreed to a common system for accrediting U.S. providers of graduate medical education. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, the American Osteopathic Association, and the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine. Read more...

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The States and Their Higher Ed Policy Shortcomings

HomeStates' failures to use their money strategically; align their educational offerings to students' needs; and help students move from K-12 to higher education combine to limit their ability to close higher education and attainment gaps and produce more educated work forces at a time of great need, a new report asserts. Read more...

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Higher Ed Groups Ask IRS Not To Change Political Activity Rules

HomeA coalition of higher education associations on Thursday urged the Obama administration not to apply to colleges and universities its proposed rules on political activity by certain tax-exempt nonprofit organizations. The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service have been seeking public comments on their proposal to more clearly define what constitutes political campaign-related activity at “social welfare” nonprofits, which are organized under section 501(c)4 of the tax code. Read more...

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How to Earn Tenure -- II

HomeBy Jacob L. Vigdor. This is the second part of a an essay on setting a research agenda to win tenure. The first part may be found here.
Stage III: Sealing the Deal
So now your clock is running out. In some cases, you’ll be asked to write up a personal statement to be included in your dossier. This can be a tricky thing to write. On the one hand, it will be read by experts in your field. On the other hand, it will also be read by some people who don’t know the first thing about your field. How can you possibly write one document to serve such disparate audiences? Read more...

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How to Earn Tenure

HomeBy Jacob L. Vigdor. It’s hard to give generic advice on what strategies junior faculty should pursue to increase their chances of a successful tenure review.  This is because there are two essential variables in the process. Institutions differ in how they carry it out, and disciplines or subfields vary in what they expect from scholars in their ranks. Read more...

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Father Guido Was Right

HomeBy Rob Weir. I’m having a great semester, but I’m thinking about midcourse adjustments. Experience tells me there will be lulls at some point. I don’t take it personally — each group has different needs, questions, and interests; something that soared last fall might crash in the spring. One of the healthiest things professors can do is shake up the routine at mid-semester to add new dimensions to the class, address things that aren’t going well, and reinforce those that are. Read more...

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A Simpler IP Process

HomeBy Ry Rivard. In an attempt to make it easier for researchers to commercialize their work, officials at Cornell University’s New York City campus are reconsidering how they make money off intellectual property. Read more...

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