27 février 2014

A quarter of Malaysians are now pursuing higher education: PM

By Rozanna Latiff. A quarter of Malaysians aged between 18 and 24 are now pursuing higher education, Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today.
The prime minister said the government has worked hard to increase access to education at all levels since 1959, when University of Malaya took in its first batch of 300 students.
"Education can improve the odds of success for the underprivileged, who were born in less fortunate circumstances. Read more...

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Experts raise alarm over lack of advancement of written Somali language

Sabahionline.comBy Abdi Moalim. Somali language experts are calling on educational institutions and the government to help expand the use of the written language, as many schools in the country do not use an official language curriculum. The current Somali alphabet is based on a Latin script adapted by Shire Jama Ahmed. It was chosen among 18 competing scripts as Somalia's official script in 1972.
Immediately after its adoption, the government of Mohamed Siad Barre began an aggressive literacy campaign to teach citizens the new alphabet and promote its widespread use. But more than 40 years later, language and education experts say the Somali language has suffered considerable setbacks in its written form due to the collapse of the government, subsequent decades of war and the downfall of institutions of higher education using Somali for instruction.
Khubarrada afka Soomaaliga ayaa ka codsanaya hay'adaha waxbarshada iyo dawladdaba in ay kaalmo ka gaystaan baahinta isticmaalka qoraalka afka iyada oo iskuulo badan oo oo waddanka ku yaal aysan afka rasmiga ah ku isticmaalin manhajka.
Alif beetada Soomaaliga ee hadda waxay ku salaysan tahay xarfaha Laatiinka oo uu soo hindisay Shire Jaamac Axmed. Waxaa laga doortay 18 qaab-qoraal oo tartan ku jiray markii ay noqotay xuruufta rasmiga ah ee Soomaaliga sannadkii 1972-kii. More...

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Les conseillers Pôle emploi vous aident à définir vos besoins en recrutement

accès à l'accueil - Pôle emploiLes conseillers Pôle emploi sont spécialisés par secteur d'activité.
Ils vous conseillent sur les meilleurs profils et méthodes de recrutement, les contrats les plus adaptés et les aides à l'emploi dont vous pouvez bénéficier.
Consultez le guide sur la rédaction de vos offres d'emploi. Suite...

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Functioning higher education accreditation system in Bosnia urgently needed

http://www.balkans.com/images/balkans_logo.jpgEuropean and international higher education experts have conducted an in-depth analysis of external quality assurance in the area of education in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). This Analysis of Legal Provisions is the first component of the project “Strengthening Institutional Capacity for Quality Assurance”, which represents a twinning partnership between BiH and Austria and is funded by the European Union under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA 2011) with 1 million Euro.
The experts recognise the commitment of BiH to implement the Bologna Reforms, in particular to align the quality assurance system with the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG). More...

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Pôle emploi > Employeur > Vos déclarations et cotisations

accès à l'accueil - Pôle emploiVotre espace déclarations et cotisations
Votre Pôle emploi vous a transmis par courrier votre identifiant et votre code personnel :
Accéder à votre espace déclaration et cotisations
. Suite...

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QS World University Rankings by Subject 2014

The annual QS World University Rankings by Subject is a comprehensive guide to the world’s top universities in a range of popular subject areas. Using data on reputation and research citations, the rankings highlight the 200 top universities in the world for 30 individual subjects. Explore each subject area below and discover the specialist strengths of universities worldwide.

Arts & Humanities

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Classement mondial QS World University Rankings : la France au top !

Orientations : études, métiers, alternance, emploi, orientations scolaireLes résultats du classement mondial QS World University Rankings, par disciplines, viennent d'être dévoilés. Un palmarès dans lequel la France figure en bonne place, et ce dans plusieurs domaines !
Les universités françaises peuvent se montrer excellentes sur le plan international. Preuve en est : elles sont 18 à être classées dans le Top 50 du palmarès QS World University Rankings, dont trois dans le Top 20 de leur discipline ! Ce palmarès mondial hisse ainsi la France parmi les meilleurs, dans de nombreux champs d'études. Suite...

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