23 février 2014

Alumni split on value of degrees from for-profit colleges


They are largely satisfied with their day-to-day learning experience, but some students who attended for-profit colleges are struggling to answer a key question in higher education: Is it all worth it?
A new study by the research group Public Agenda concludes that 32 percent of alumni of for-profit schools said their investment “really wasn't worth it,” with 30 percent saying it “remains to be seen” whether their degree would be worth the cost and effort. Thirty-seven percent of alumni said the experience was “well worth it.”
Count Tampa student Niulca Tavarez among the latter group. More...

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The Wal-Mart-ization of higher education: How young professors are getting screwed

By . More and more faculty at America's colleges and universities are underpaid and undervalued. Can that change?
In 2009, Money Magazine published a survey titled “The 50 Best Jobs in America.”  Their reporters analyzed job data and conducted an online survey of thirty-five thousand people, taking into account such factors as salaries, flexibility, benefit to society, satisfaction, stress, job security, and growth prospects. The proverbial college professor sat high on the list at No. 3, with a median salary of $70,400 for nine months’ work, top pay of $115,000, and a ten-year growth prospect of 23 percent. College teaching earned “A” grades for flexibility, benefit to society, and satisfaction, and a “B” for job stress, with 59 percent of surveyed professors reporting low stress. More...

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College aid for immigrant students wins Legislature’s OK

The Seattle TimesBy Andrew Garber. A bill that allows students brought to the United States illegally as children becomes the first law to pass the Legislature this year. It’s anybody’s guess if other bills will reach Gov. Jay Inslee before the session ends on March 13.
State lawmakers found something they could agree on Tuesday — allowing students brought here illegally as children to be eligible for financial aid. The House voted 75 to 22 to pass Senate Bill 6523 and send it to the governor, who has said he supports the legislation. The measure was approved by the Senate last month. More...

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Is there an ed-tech investment bubble?

By . Amid the recent flood of venture money, startups have learned that schools make complicated customers.
The promise of a digital-first education system has driven venture capital dollars into the fast-growing category of education technology startups. There are countless software portals aiming to create efficiencies in school systems and even more digital tools for streamlining the classroom. There are tutoring startups and MOOCs, or massive open online courses, that have attracted massive venture funding. And there are algebra games. Oh yes. Many, many, algebra games. More...

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Our Opinion: Higher education elevated to high priority

News TribuneHigher education is high on the list of topics being discussed this legislative session.
The Missouri Senate on Tuesday advanced a bill that would establish five performance-based criteria for the state’s colleges and universities.
The action occurred on the same day the four-campus University of Missouri System held its 40th annual Legislative Day at the Capitol.
Performance, tuition and eliminating duplication are among the higher education priorities identified by legislators.
The performance funding proposal sponsored by Sen. David Pearce, R-Warrensburg, would place into law four standards set by state government and one selected by the school. Examples of state standards are student retention and graduation.
The schools voluntarily have received some performance funding money in the 2013-14 state budget. More...

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C is for college rating system

Get rate infoBy Libby A. Nelson. Determining what makes a good chocolate chip cookie and what makes a good college education might have more in common than you think.
Analogies (and advice) abound for the Obama administration’s forthcoming college rating system. It will be a Consumer Reports for colleges. Or a Good Housekeeping seal of approval. Or a higher education version of the exhaustive Cook’s Illustrated reviews of skillets and blenders for every budget. Read more...

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Duke: $60,000 A Year For College Is Actually A Discount

http://media.npr.org/branding/blogs/money/branding_icon-2049217818157ac661fee05d42b0e8b6894aeaaa.pngBy Lisa Chow. In 1984, it cost $10,000 a year to go to Duke University. Today, it's $60,000 a year. "It's staggering," says Duke freshman Max Duncan, "especially considering that's for four years."
But according to Jim Roberts, executive vice provost at Duke, that's actually a discount. "We're investing on average about $90,000 in the education of each student," he says. Roberts is not alone in making the claim. In fact, it's one most elite research institutions point to when asked about rising tuition.
But just where exactly is all that money going? Michael Schoenfeld, Duke's vice president of public affairs, says for part of that answer, you need to look up: "For the first time in probably anybody's memory, there will be two cranes hovering over the main campus quad." Duke is in the process of renovating its library and dining hall; $8,000 of the $90,000 Duke spends on each student goes into building and maintaining physical infrastructure on campus. Read more...

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TG Funds Research on Latino Students’ Experiences with Prior Learning Assessment Council for Adult and Experiential Learning

http://www.universitybusiness.com/sites/all/themes/u_business/images/Cover.jpgThe Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), a national leader in adult education advocacy, has been awarded a grant by Texas-based TG for a research study on the experiences of Latino college students with prior learning assessment (PLA), an evaluation process which measures the collegiate-level learning that adults have received outside of a traditional classroom for college credit. For the project, CAEL is collaborating with Excelencia in Education, a national leader in the advocacy of Latino student success, and the organization will help inform and support the research, reach out to potential institutional participants and disseminate the findings. In the project, CAEL will work with ten postsecondary institutions that offer PLA services and have a sizable Latino student population. CAEL will analyze each institution’s student record data to understand the PLA experiences of Latino students, and this analysis will be supplemented with information from student interviews and PLA program staff interviews. More...

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Open university: The people’s university

http://www.universitybusiness.com/sites/all/themes/u_business/images/Cover.jpgBy James Martin and James E. Samels. In her 2014 State of the University of New York Address, Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher launched Open SUNY, a systemwide distance learning consortium. Over the near term, it will reduce the time it takes to complete a degree, course or certificate.
What is especially distinctive about Open SUNY is that it is one of the largest and most complex statewide public university systems in the US. By creating this multipronged approach to sharing distributed learning , Open SUNY has reduced the time it takes to complete a degree - which typically lowers the cost of instruction. More...

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Tiers of tuition

http://www.universitybusiness.com/sites/all/themes/u_business/images/Cover.jpgBy Melissa Ezarik. California testing new rates for more popular courses.
California has been experimenting with charging higher tuition rates for high-demand courses offered during the winter and summer.
The accompanying infographic breaks down what students are paying. More...

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