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22 février 2014

Education for well-being: Online discussion

We know that education is a key component of individual well-being. Developing skills is valuable for people as it responds to their aspiration to learn and to their need to respond to the changing environment. With most people aged 25-64 in OECD countries now holding at least an upper secondary degree and today’s 5-year-olds expected to notch up at least 17 years of study, it is perhaps a good time to ask: What makes an education that promotes well-being?

Join an online discussion on:

Experiences in Latin America: kindergarten, primary, secondary/technical and university

Finishes at 22:00, 25 February 2014

The discussion will focus on the following questions:

- In Latin America, what does it mean to have an education that promotes well-being and improves quality of life? Do we need to go beyond the concept of human capital?

- What are the characteristics of an education model that promotes well-being?

- What community programmes, social experiments and public policies are currently being conducted in Latin America that help foster education models which promote well-being?

- What extra efforts are needed in order to construct education models that promote well-being? Who should be responsible for designing and implementing them?

Leave your comments in Spanish, Portuguese, English or French under the section entitled “Contribuye” on the discussion webpage. To participate, click here.

This is the link to the page: and the hashtags in Twitter are #teachlearn and #EducaciónDeCalidad.

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