Educpros de Julien Redelsperger. Okay, let’s be honest, this is definitely an Educ-Sci-Fy story.
That being said, what if the French education were structured the same way than in Canada?
Let’s rambling on it for a second.
In Canada, there is a Ministry of Education in each province. Every province manages directly the elementary and secondary school system. In this framework, there are district school boards that administer the educational programs. So if you take the example of Ontario, there are 60 English school boards (themselves divided between public and catholic boards) and 12 French school boards (also divided into public and catholic boards). These school boards have to follow the curriculum from the ministry but they are responsible for recruiting, managing and paying their teachers and staff. The curriculum is specific to the province. For example, the curriculum of Manitoba is different from the one in Quebec and from the one in Ontario. More...