16 février 2014

Launch of the European Social Fund: investing in education in partnership with civil society

On 6-7 February the European Commission and the Greek presidency of the European Council held a conference to launch the European Social Fund 2014-2020. New investment priorities under the various cohesion policy thematic objectives such as “Investing in education, training and vocational training for skills and lifelong learning” (see Common Provisions Regulation) were discussed but also new levers for actions. Education was indeed one of the key areas for reform mentioned by Commissioner László ANDOR while opening the conference. The European Code of Conduct on Partnership (see Regulation and best practices), recently adopted and involving key stakeholders in the design, implementation and evaluation of the new structural funds, will also be debated. The Commission has for the occasion developed a thematic paper on Good Governance where the involvement of civil society is enhanced as a key success factor for an effective ESF intervention.

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AEGEE’s “Key to Europe” is out

“Key to Europe” is the European Students’ Forum (AEGEE) Annual Review. Discover the 2012-2013 edition that summarises all the actions that AEGEE has undertaken in the past year in the field of personal development, inclusion of minority or youth participation. You can notably find out more about AEGEE’s 2014 campaign “Y vote” to tackle the challenge of low turnout among young Europeans during the European elections next May that includes local activities, bus tours, etc.

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Mathematics for the 21st century

By Charles Fadel Founder and Chairman, Center for Curriculum Redesign. Why are mathematics taught? 
From Aristotle, Plato, Al-Khawarizmi, and Al-Kindi, to John Allen Paulos (Temple U.), Paul Ernest, (U. of Exeter), and Eleanor Robson (U. of Oxford), maths thinkers have stated three types of reasons: emotional, cognitive and practical.
Setting aside the emotional and cognitive reasons, let’s discuss the implications of the practical reasons. Mathematical understanding is crucial for high performance in our personal, public, and work lives. More...

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Students find “Erasmus for All” more appealing

http://esn.org/sites/default/files/imagecache/header/sites/default/files/header.pngThe Erasmus Student Network conducted a short survey on the preferences of its students and members concerning the name of the new EU programme on Education, Training, Youth and Sport. The original proposal of the European Commission stipulates “Erasmus for All” as the name for the follow-up of the Lifelong Learning Programme. The European Parliament favours “YES Europe” as the name for the new programme envisaged to start in 2014.
ESN has asked students directly whether they prefer “Erasmus for All”, “YES Europe” or have no preference/opinion. Out of the 3034 responding individuals, 69.5% prefer “Erasmus for All”, 24.9% prefer “YES Europe” and the remaining 5.5% indicated no preference or opinion on the name. An overview broken down by country and a more graphic illustration can be found here. 
Analysis Survey New Programme.pdf. More...

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Erasmus will you vote?

http://esn.org/sites/default/files/imagecache/header/sites/default/files/header.pngThe European Students Forum (AEGEE-Europe), with the support of its partners - the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and Generation Europe Foundation (GEF) – organised a conference to launch the new EU funded project under the Lifelong Learning Programme: Erasmus Voting Assessment. The event, hosted by the Parliament’s Intergroup on Youth Issues, gathered several important stakeholders. Doris Pack, Member of the European Parliament, Chair of the CULT Committee and Rapporteur of the European Parliament for Erasmus+ opened the conference, giving valuable input and stressing the importance of exploring the influence of the Erasmus programme on EUcitizenship. The Erasmus Voting Assessment survey has been launched! Visit our website to fill in the survey: www.erasmusvoting.eu. More...

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Improvement of management capacities for adult literacy and education in Mozambique

The strengthening of institutional and organisational capacities will be crucial to achieve the literacy and adult education goals of the Strategic Plan of the Education Sector 2012–2016 in Mozambique. The UNESCO Capacity for EFA Programme Mozambique therefore includes a training component to equip staff members of the Directorate of Literacy and Adult Education (DINAEA) at central and provincial levels with improved management capacities. More...

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ICC Annual Conference: language, learning and the brain

The International Language Association (ICC) is holding on 26-27 April its Annual Conference on “Language, learning and the brain” in Mainz, Germany.The event will mainly focus on lessons learned from neurosciences and neurolinguistics for language learning and teaching, while the 2012 Commission’s Communication on “Rethinking Education” has shed a new light on the importance of language learning across the EU. The Conference will also allow for many networking opportunities through various interactive workshops and a marketplace. See the draft programme and register here!

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ENT-TEACH final conference: stimulating entrepreneurial teaching in VET

The ENT-TEACH EU-funded project addresses entrepreneurship in senior secondary vocational education institutes and seeks to provide teachers with tools and materials to educate, inspire and motivate students for entrepreneurship. The EN-TEACH consortium is organising the project final event on “VET reinvented: Vocational & Entrepreneurship Teaching” that will take place on Friday 7th March from 9.00 at the Delegation of the Basque Country to the EU (rue des Deux Eglises, 27). Register here and visit the project website available in 5 languages where you can find material to be used by teachers and trainers. See also EUCIS-LLL position paper and compendium of good practices on “Fostering entrepreneurial mindsets” as well as our recent policy debate on entrepreneurship skills in the European Parliament.

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Committee of Regions has its say on Opening Up Education

On 30-31 January the Committee of Regions adopted its opinion on the Commission’s Communication “Opening Up Education“, drafted by Ms Yoomi Renström (SE/PES). Among the Committee’s key messages, more emphasis should be put on a better access to open educational resources and new technologies for all learners, whatever their geographical situation, and a particular attention should be paid to disadvantaged areas with the help of structural and investment funds. EUCIS-LLL supports many good elements of the document beyond the focus on access, such as the crucial role of local communities to support a shift of mindsets towards the digital revolution – as underlined by Mr Claudio Dondi in his intervention on the topic in a recent European Parliament public hearing where he represented EUCIS-LLL and MENON. See also EUCIS-LLL position paper on Opening Up Education.

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EFIL Symposium “Spectrum of Education – Creativity”, 24-27 April, Istanbul

The European Federation for Intercultural Learning (EFIL) will organise on 24-27 April in Istanbul, Turkey its annual symposium to gather various stakeholders from different cultural backgrounds to reflect upon a common theme. This year’s specific focus on creativity in education and intercultural learning will be the opportunity to share best practices and learn from each other through debates with experts, intercultural workshops by AFS trainers, educational best practice workshops delivered by attendees from all around the world, creativity sessions, field trips, co-teaching opportunities and visits to like-minded organizations. Apply here before 17 February!

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