16 février 2014

Starting out in a recession 'boosts productivity'

By David Matthews. Academics who complete their PhDs during a recession are significantly more productive in the long-term than those who do so during a boom, research suggests. Michael Boehm, a researcher at the London School of Economics’ Centre for Economic Performance and Bonn University, looked at data from the top 30 universities in the United States from 1955 to 1994. More...

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Home Office suspends English language tests

By David Matthews. The Home Office has suspended an organisation’s English language tests for immigration purposes after cheating was allegedly uncovered on some exams.
Theresa May, the home secretary, told the education sector to “put its own house in order” following revelations about the immigration scam. The BBC’s Panorama programme found that students were able to get others to take the English Testing Service (ETS) exams for them in order to get round English language requirements for student visas. It found that an undercover reporter was able to pay £500 to an immigration consultancy for a “guaranteed pass” on the English tests. More...

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EU commissioner says ‘no precedent’ for Scottish fees plan

By David Matthews. But possibility could still be open if strong case made to EU.
The Scottish government’s plan to charge English students tuition fees in the event of independence would have no precedent in the European Union, according to the European Commissioner for education. More...

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Students studying for UK qualification abroad up 5 per cent

By David Matthews. But more than 40 per cent are registered with Oxford Brookes, says Hesa.
Nearly 600,000 students are studying for a UK higher education qualification overseas, new statistics have revealed, a 4.9 per cent increase on last year.
These are students studying at UK branch campuses overseas, on distance learning programmes, or taking programmes offered by local partners validated by British universities. More...

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The 'leaky pipeline' of women in science

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSoQTWRsBvjCbs_LMFsFghL7rCYnNTmB1LkWqkyra9lZrNRU1SQGVddb74By Eleanor Muffitt. Despite a growing interest in science at school, Eleanor Muffitt, opted for humanities at university; she asks why girls let their talent fall by the wayside.
 As a pupil, I was never a fan of science: while I enjoyed learning about Newton's apple and nerve endings, it was history I most looked forward to throughout the day.
However, as I advanced through the year groups, I became more interested in science and managed to chalk up two As in my science and advanced science GCSEs. Despite my success and growing interest though, I opted for humanities at A level and university – just as the majority of my sex seem to be doing. More...

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1st. International Forum on University Global Social Responsibility: Different Meanings of Social Responsibility

GUNi LogoThe Forum is organized by the Institute for Global Social Responsibility at the Seul National University, UNESCO Bangkok, the UNESCO Chair in Community Based Research and Social Responsability and GUNi. It will be held in Seul on March 24-25. 
Higher Education of the 21st Century has been faced with various shifts in political, economic, social and environmental landscape. Among these salient shifts is the rise of the knowledge society which emphasizes the university’s relationship with the society. With the recognition of an interrelated and interconnected world, universities are now challenged to be globally-competitive at the same time, being challenged to reinvent itself in being socially relevant and responsible by addressing the needs of the greater society. See more...

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2014 Talloires Network Leaders Conference

GUNi LogoThe conference will advance the global movement of civic engagement and social responsibility in higher education.
The 2014 Talloires Network Leaders Conference will take place in Cape Town, South Africa, from December 2 through December 4, 2014 . Co-sponsored by the South African Higher Education Community Engagement Forum (SAHECEF) and hosted in partnership with the Cape Higher Education Consortium (CHEC), the conference will advance the global movement of civic engagement and social responsibility in higher education ation; strengthen TN members’ civic engagement programs; elevate public awareness of, and support for, the global movement; contribute to and highlight TN programs; and reinforce local and regional leadership in civic engagement and social responsibility. See more...

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Community - University - Victoria Conference (CUVIC 2014) “Beyond Engagement: Creating Integration, Innovation and Impact”

GUNi LogoThe Conference is hosted by the University of Victoria in Canada
CUVIC 2014 is a 3-day conference focused on the growing global effort to deepen community engagement as universities seek to enhance their potential to contribute to the public good.  The conference will take place in Victoria, Canada, on May 20-22, 2014. It will offer a variety of keynote presentations, workshops, field trips and social networking opportunities. See more...

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Global Going 2014: The Conference for leaders of international education

GUNi LogoGoing Global delivers a global forum for world leaders of international education to debate the role the international arena plays in global tertiary education policy.
Going Global International Educational conferences attract more than 1,000 leaders of international education from over 80 countries across the globe. See more...

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6th International Conference of the Popular Education Network

GUNi LogoThis conference seeks to build on the success of previous PEN conferences held in Edinburgh (2000), Barcelona (2002), Braga (2004), Maynooth (2007) and Seville (2011). It will be hosted by the University of Malta in Veletta Campus.
The conference is an opportunity for university-based teachers and researchers, student-activists and others involved in higher education, who share a common interest in popular education – many of whom work in considerable isolation in their own institutions – to meet, exchange ideas, learn from each other and enjoy some much needed solidarity and conviviality. See more...

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