Partnership for Innovation and Socio-Economic Impact: The Entrepreneurial University, 19-20 March, Royal Institue of Technology, Stockholm. This conference, organised by DG Education and Culture will bring together high-level representatives from the university and business world; from relevant Nordic and Baltic, European and international organizations, public sector bodies and authorities as well as other stakeholders to discuss how inter-sectorial and transnational partnerships can strengthen economic growth in Europe through the development of local innovation eco systems. More information and registration is available on the website (Password: NPEC): 

Paper on Universities and Smart Specialisation by John Goddard, Louise Kempton and Paul Vallance in a special issue of Ekonomiaz, a journal published by S3 Platform Member The Basque Country every quater on current economic issues facing.

The European Expert Network on Economics of Education (EENEE) has prepared a new report on "The contribution of universities to innovation, (regional) growth and employment". The EENEE disseminates knowledge on the economics of education in Europe and publishes material related to EU policy.