By Tom Woodward. I’m attending ELI 2014. MOOC seems to be synonymous with any online or blended “educational” offering regardless of size or openness.
That’s a pretty open definition.
Massive (or massively) is a strange word to ignore. It is the first letter after all. It seems important to differentiate between online courses which have lots of participants and courses which use massive participation to change course possibilities.

  • If a student can’t tell1 if they’re the only student in the course or if there are 5,0002 other students, you just have an online course. Please retract your media statements before the old school online learning people burn you in effigy.
  • If you take your 5,000 students and break them down so they are in “normal” sized cohorts that proceed independently, congratulations you have several online courses. Please call your mom and tell her you might have overstated your MOOC street cred.
  • If having 5,000 students actually hurts your students, you have an online mess. Punish yourself by reading YouTube comments until you lose hope in humanity. More...