01 février 2014

EUROCLIO Annual Conference 2014: Ohrid, Macedonia

banner design ohrid 2014 with text and swedish embassy.jpgOne more exiciting EUROCLIO Annual Conference coming.This time in beautiful Ohrid. Register now!
Registration for the 21st EUROCLIO Annual Conference Professional Development and Training Course is OPEN now. GRANTS are available.

EUROCLIO is happy to launch registrations for its Spring Annual Conference which takes place between 31 March and 6 April in the Macedonian city of Ohrid in the heart of the Balkans. Grants are available for educators from eligible countries. These grants will cover your costs to travel and to stay during the conference. All you need to do is contact your national agency and apply before 17/09/2013.

You are invited to come and experience a professional training course with around 200 history, heritage, citizenship educators from all over Europe and beyond, explore rich & challenging history of Balkans, engage yourself in important discussions around multiperspective approach to History and Heritage in Republic of Macedonia and History Education beyond Borders in Europe and the World and address the shared and layered
heritage around Ohrid locally and in the wider region.

…and this is not all!

Explore the rich cultural and historical heritage of Bitola, Struga and Ohrid, experience the warm welcoming by history educators of Macedonia, enjoy amazing food and let the lovely spring weather embrace you.

Steps to register:

1) CLICK to submit your registration

2) Contact your national agency, use below reference numbers and apply for grants:

  • Comenius (For secondary level educators) Ref. Num: NL-2014-356-001
  • Grundtvig (For Adult educators) Ref. Num: NL-2014-357-001

Deadline for grants is 17 September 2013. 

Visit the conference page for the programme & more practical information. For questions contact Aysel Gojayeva- aysel@euroclio.eu.

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ICC - The International Language Association

We are dedicated professionals from all areas of language education and intercultural communication worldwide.

We promote excellence in the teaching and learning of languages by

  • defining professional standards for teachers and learners

  • recognizing quality and best practice across a wide range of educational environments

  • disseminating these standards and practice to the widest possible public

By improving professional standards and teacher training in language education and intercultural competence more people achieve the higher level of communication skills that they need in our globalized, multilingual world.

Conference Announcement 2014

... more information will follow soon


ICC Annual Conference Programme and Registration form:

Conference Programme Conference Registration


EUROLTA Conference Registration form:

Conference Registration

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EDULEARN14 conference

This event is on 7 July 2014

The 6th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies (EDULEARN14), organised by the International Academy of Technology, Education and Development (IATED), will take place in Barcelona, Spain from 7 to 9 July 2014. More than 700 participants will gather to discuss the latest developments in the field of teaching and learning methodologies, educational projects and innovations and new technologies applied to education and research. Submit your abstracts until 3 April.

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EUA Annual Conference 2014: Changing Landscapes in Learning and Teaching

This event is on 3 April 2014

This year’s EUA Annual Conference entitled “Changing Landscapes in Learning and Teaching” will take place from 3 to 4 April at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in Belgium.

The conference will look at trends that are transforming learning and teaching, and discuss how European universities should respond. Participants will also explore the innovative teaching approaches being developed, discussed or introduced, and consider their implications for the organisation of learning and teaching processes in the years to come.

High-level speakers from Europe, Brazil and China will reflect on the opportunities and challenges facing institutions in Europe and other world regions, as well as, more specifically, on the impact of mobility and internationalisation on learning and teaching in universities in Europe.

The conference will provide a forum for university leaders, senior managers and other HE stakeholders to exchange experiences of present challenges, discuss future strategies for responding to pressures for change, and thus anticipate tomorrow’s educational needs.

Registration for the event will open shortly through the conference website, where more information, including a preliminary programme, is available.

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Conference CHAIN5 (community for level 5) – Leido (EURASHE)

This event is on 13 February 2014

The ‘community for level 5 of the EQF’, called CHAIN5 counts already more than 45 members from 22 countries and organizations/associations. The 9th of December 2013 during a meeting in Amsterdam CHAIN5 was founded in a formal way by 12 of those members, with 7 nationalities present. Leido (a EURASHE member) will take the lead in the first phase, as the Dutch network involved in national developments concerning level 5. This means that we can have our first CHAIN5 conference on the 13th and 14th of February, in Amsterdam.

If you are interested in CHAIN5, there are two possible actions:
- You can just use the form at ‘Contact – Membership’ at www.chain5.net to become a member of CHAIN5 – for free and without further obligations what so ever – and we will keep you updated about what is going on (the official website www.chain5.eu will be launched during the conference);
- You can register for the conference, using the form on www.chain5.net. You will receive a confirmation and in two weeks you will get the third newsletter with more detailed information.

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MENON EU-USR project: advancing university social responsibility in Europe

This month EUCIS-LLL took part in a focus group organised by the MENON network in the framework of the EU-USR project. The initiative, focused on Comparative Research on University Social Responsibility in Europe and Development of a Community Reference Framework, was conceived as a response to the policy priority of the European Commission about the need for a common social responsibility strategy for all European universities. In this context, the EU-USR project creates a European model to enhance social responsibility of universities in a long-term perspective. To this end, the project uses a bottom-up approach which starts from some leading EU universities in the field of USR. EU-USR supports the achievement of a European Area of Higher Education by developing of a common European Framework for Universities Social Responsibility. EUCIS-LLL notably provided expertise on the project Manifesto that should be soon released and precise the consortium objectives.

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EUCIS-LLL expert in European Parliament public hearing on OERs

Claudio Dondi, vice-president of the MENON Network (European innovation and research network member of EUCIS-LLL) intervened in a public hearing (see intervention summary) organised by the Committee on Culture and Education in the European Parliament on new technologies and open educational resources (read also the EP draft report). The hearing follows up on the release of the Commission’s Communication on “Opening Up Education” last September, foreseeing many actions to be undertaken in 2014 in the field of digital learning. Claudio Dondi welcomes the Communication’s holistic approach and recommended that the political ambition should be supported by adequate policy instruments. He took up on key elements of EUCIS-LLL position on the issue i.e. the crucial role of teachers, and underlined the importance of networks such as the Platform to mobilise Member States in a bottom up approach through grassroots stakeholders. See also EAEA position in reaction to the Communication.

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SOLIDAR new paper on the benefits of non-formal and informal learning

SOLIDAR has released a briefing paper on “Empowering people through non-formal and informal learning”, gathering many innovative good practices from the network and policy recommendations which value non-formal and informal learning as a tool to empower people, so that they fully participate in society in a democratic, social, economic and cultural way. See also SOLIDAR project on “Building Learning Societies: Promoting Validation of Non-formal and Informal Learning” partnering EUCIS-LLL and EUCIS-LLL task force on validation and related documents.

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EAEA BeLL policy debate: focusing on the wider benefits of adult education

On 27 January the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) and the German Institute for Adult Education (DIE) organised in the European Parliament a policy debate hosted by MEP Mitro Repo (S&D, FI) to present the research results of the BeLL – Benefits of Lifelong Learning project showing why investing in adult education makes good sense for individuals, communities and economies as a whole (see also LLinE article). The project outcomes were also linked to PIAAC results and in this line, policy-makers, project partners and key educational stakeholders reflected on how to invest in and increase the visibility of adult education on the European political stage. See the media release on the event and take the opportunity to visit the new EAEA website!

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EUCIS-LLL joins civil society alliance for a renewed European Convention

In November 2013 EUCIS-LLL joined several civil society organisations in a common effort to reflect on a new European Convention in particular and European democracy in general, coordinated by European Movement International. EUCIS-LLL President David Lopez was elected to be part of the Alliance Steering Committee. EUCIS-LLL also attended the inaugural meeting of Democracy International’s Citizens Campaign for a democratic EU Convention, complementary initiative to the Civil Society Alliance, and will follow up on both initiatives in the next months.

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