This event is on 13 February 2014

The ‘community for level 5 of the EQF’, called CHAIN5 counts already more than 45 members from 22 countries and organizations/associations. The 9th of December 2013 during a meeting in Amsterdam CHAIN5 was founded in a formal way by 12 of those members, with 7 nationalities present. Leido (a EURASHE member) will take the lead in the first phase, as the Dutch network involved in national developments concerning level 5. This means that we can have our first CHAIN5 conference on the 13th and 14th of February, in Amsterdam.

If you are interested in CHAIN5, there are two possible actions:
- You can just use the form at ‘Contact – Membership’ at to become a member of CHAIN5 – for free and without further obligations what so ever – and we will keep you updated about what is going on (the official website will be launched during the conference);
- You can register for the conference, using the form on You will receive a confirmation and in two weeks you will get the third newsletter with more detailed information.